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Wiley-Tiki-Talk-BlogWelcome one and all to Tiki Talk!

First of all, what’s with the name right? Well, Tiki Talk comes from our fun project where we used scrap metal to build our unique Tiki Bar. At our scrap metal Tiki Bar we’ve shared a few cold ones and exchanged some pretty good (and also some pretty bad) ideas. We figured it would be a great name for our virtual gathering place.

Tiki Talk is our blog, but more importantly we want it to be a place where we can address your questions, share your comments and let you know what is going on with our company. We want everyone to take part...customers, potential customers, experts and novices alike. We hope it will be a fun and friendly exchange.

Look, if we could hang and have a couple of beers and play a round of golf with everyone, we would do that. Believe me we would do that. For now, Tiki Talk is the place. Pull up a stool and join in.

Cost-Effective Fabricated Steel Parts Start with Plasma Punch Machine

We have two options for producing shapes from plate: laser cutting or our plasma punch machine. Laser cutting is clean and elegant and still has a science fiction aura despite having been around half a century. Plasma on the other hand is much more elemental. There’s a blinding arc of light that literally burns through the material with gas blowing away the dross. But despite the sexiness of lasers, plasma cutting is often the more cost-effective option.

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The Hype about Direct Diode Lasers (Speed is a Laser Cutting Game Changer)

Working here at Wiley Metal Fabricating feels much like being on the set of Top Gun. Every day we say to ourselves, (or maybe out loud,) “I feel the need, the need for speed.”

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The Wiley 60: Industry News Weekly


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5 Specialized Options Your Customers Want on Their Truck Trailer

No trailer is ever taken along just 'for fun'. Whether part of a semi behemoth or carrying tools and materials to a job site, a trailer is expected to work. And if a few extras make that work a little easier and more productive, so much the better.

Truck trailer buyers understand the value of accessories and special options. They reduce loading and unloading time, improve cargo protection and make the trailer more useful. Higher resale value is another benefit. Here are five options truck trailer buyers ask for when it comes to their work truck.

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EDM Machining Lets Metal Fabricators Produce Precise Profiles

While Iron Man and the Man of Steel achieved great fame, the same can't be said of Aluminum Man. That might be down to the distinct characteristics of those metals. Iron and steel are both hard and tough but aluminum is softer and much more ductile. Superhero uses for the silvery metal are therefore limited, but it does extrude well.

We've addressed the benefits of extruded aluminum and why metal fabricators like it in previous Tiki-talk posts. We've also talked about the extrusion process. What we've skipped over though is extrusion tooling. Let's put that right.

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The Wiley 60: Aluminum Casting Market Predicts Growth


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Advances in Technology Drive Higher Metal Fabrication Efficiency

Manufacturing improvements work like compound interest. Small changes made every year build on one another until after a few years the improvement in efficiency is astonishing.

Those improvements come from advances in manufacturing technologies. Some of those are what we might call “hard” technologies – things that help us cut, form and join faster and more accurately – while others could be considered “soft.” Those relate more to how we do things – lean manufacturing, quality improvement and so on.

Rising efficiency is good news for our customers of course. Whether they’re in motorhome production, truck trailer manufacturing or any other business needing fabricated structures, everyone benefits by getting more from less, (which is one definition of increased productivity.)

Here’s a look at some emerging “hard” technologies that will help us keep improving our metal fabrication efficiency.

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Lightweighting Truck Trailers to Maximize Payload

It always pays to read the fine print. Sports team scrutinize the rules for opportunities to make new plays. Race teams look for ways to generate more downforce than their competitors, and patent attorneys look for loopholes in contracts.

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The Wiley 60: Putting 3 Manufacturing Falsehoods to Rest 


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The Future of Alternative Fuel for Truck Trailer Manufacturing

Drone delivery seems like a great idea. Freed from the constraints of congested highways, drones will deliver your packages quickly and efficiently. They'll be cheaper and greener too, as they won't be guzzling down diesel fuel or gasoline while idling in traffic.

Well that's the theory. At Wiley we struggle with the idea of drones delivering sheets of steel and aluminum for our metal fabrication business, but we do understand the appeal of saving money on fuel. In fact we've been in the alternative fuels business for quite some time. Our alternative fuel fabrications help those in truck trailer manufacturing adopt compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified petroleum gas (LPG.)

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