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Wiley-Tiki-Talk-BlogWelcome one and all to Tiki Talk!

First of all, what’s with the name right? Well, Tiki Talk comes from our fun project where we used scrap metal to build our unique Tiki Bar. At our scrap metal Tiki Bar we’ve shared a few cold ones and exchanged some pretty good (and also some pretty bad) ideas. We figured it would be a great name for our virtual gathering place.

Tiki Talk is our blog, but more importantly we want it to be a place where we can address your questions, share your comments and let you know what is going on with our company. We want everyone to take part...customers, potential customers, experts and novices alike. We hope it will be a fun and friendly exchange.

Look, if we could hang and have a couple of beers and play a round of golf with everyone, we would do that. Believe me we would do that. For now, Tiki Talk is the place. Pull up a stool and join in.

Self-Driving Trucks: Will the Truck Trailer Industry Adopt Autonomous Trucking?

There are times throughout history when we've used terminology based in old technology to describe new technology. The horseless carriage, for example, was a term used to describe early automobiles. More recently, we've gone from telephones to cordless phones to cell phones. These old - new terms are seen as a way to help us feel somewhat more comfortable with emerging technology. Today, we are hearing more and more about autonomous trucking, self-driving trucks, and driverless trucks. If you've ever wondered why people were afraid of horseless carriages in the late 1800's, one only has to imagine passing an 18-wheeler on the Interstate to see it has no driver make a comparison to the feeling!

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Future of Safety: Improvements in Truck Trailer Rear Impact Guards

Safety is a serious matter. It's our top priority here in the shop and we take that attitude home with us too. So news about how metal fabrications are improving truck trailer safety gets our attention.

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Why Your OEM Wants to Partner with a One Stop Metal Fabrication Shop

With today's intense competition in manufacturing, every OEM is in search of the most efficient ways to get things done. It used to be a matter of margins. It is now a matter of survival. While your management team scours the numbers and considers cost saving options, we would like to make a suggestion. Consider the benefits of partnering with a one-stop OEM metal fabrication company to get more out of your space, your people, and your money.

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Why RV Window and Door Insulation is High Priority for Motorhome owners

We make all kinds of fabrications, from complex steel structures to motorhome doors and window frames. We’re passionate about everything we do, but it’s particularly satisfying to make things that people enjoy using. That’s why we’re especially attached to our RV products.

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Why Use of Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) is Growing So Rapidly

Smaller manufacturers may not be aware of the rapid growth in the use of advanced high-strength steel, or AHSS, in the metal fabrication industry. Its main appeal is what we call its “formability”. This allows its use in the production of a variety of parts and products. Of course, the powerful combination of being lightweight with exceptional strength is also attractive. Let's take a look at what it is, why the transportation industry, in particular, is so interested in its use and why some expect its use to double in the next eight years.

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Superior RV Windshield Frames Start with Quality Assembly

It's hard to keep a secret these days. Not too many years ago, if you were selling a flawed product it took a while for word to get out. That's not so today. Thanks to the internet it's easy for people with common interests to share news and opinions. Yes, sometimes that goes in a dark direction, but today we'll limit ourselves to Recreational Vehicles (RV's) and specifiably RV windshield frames.

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What the Investigation into Imported Steel Means for Metal Fabricators

One major topic among the steel industry, manufacturers, and metal fabricators is the investigation into whether steel imports have reached a point where they are a threat to the national security interests of the United States. Based on Section 232 of the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, the government has some far ranging authority on trade issues if it feels national security interests are at risk.

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Heavy Duty vs. Lightweighting For Your Work Truck Bumper

Much has been said about lightweighting when it comes steel components. On the otne hand, there are superior benefits to heavy duty construction. This is a topic we have discussed in the past especially in regards truck and vehicle bumpers. We even went back in time with some old advertisements for our ASI Division in an article we wrote discussing superior bumpers. With lightweighting, being such a hot topic, however, we thought it would be timely to revisit the subject of lightweighting vs choosing a heavy duty bumper for work trucks. There are clear advantages for each.

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Why Surface Finish Is Important in Stainless Steel Fabrication


Stainless steel is the material of choice for a growing number of industries including the domestic and commercial appliance industry, food service and medical production facilities, and military, defense, and aircraft industries. These sectors are attracted to stainless steel because of its strength, durability, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. They particularly appreciate the superior surface finish that stainless steel and polished stainless steel can provide.

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7 Ways to Create Manufacturing Job Interest with a Younger Generation

One of the subjects that comes up repeatedly, not only at Wiley Metal but throughout manufacturing, is how to close the skills gap with a younger generation and create manufacturing job interest. What some may see as a job shortage, in many cases is actually a labor shortage. At least a shortage of people interested in working in manufacturing. Those of us in manufacturing are the ones who will benefit by shrinking this skills gap, so it is ultimately on us to resolve these issues. Here are some ways we can be proactive in gaining manufacturing career interest with a younger generation.

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