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Firefighter Retirement Plaques Made from an Actual Fire Engine Bumper


The numbers are impressive and eye opening. There are over 1.1 million firefighters across the United States. Of these, almost 800,000 are volunteers. There are over 30,000 fire departments in the country and while 85% of all departments are mostly all-volunteer, two thirds of the country is protected by career or mostly career firefighters. Firefighters are members of our families, friends and neighbors. Many spend years serving their communities not only responding to house fires but auto accidents, toxic spills, brush fires, and gas leaks. They are there to save lives and property and quietly perform their duties every day.

What does our ASI Division do? 

At Wiley Metal Fabrication, our ASI Division provides products that help make many of these departments more efficient and effective. Our fire engine extensions, for example, help add value to fleets across the country. Our distinctive, highly polished stainless steel fire engine bumpers are a virtual trademark of the industry and are on trucks in all 50 states. It makes all of us who work here proud every time we see one of our polished bumpers on an emergency vehicle.

The Story Behind the Bumper Plaque         asi_bumper_plaque.jpg

Our connection with the safety and fire industry puts us in a unique position with fire departments. It led us to create a unique product to help recognize the efforts of our firefighters across the country. Using a 12” section of the very material used in the creation of our distinctive bumpers, we are making available a perfect gift for those who have spent years serving. Our highly polished, stainless steel ASI Bumper Plaques are exceptional firefighter retirement gifts. These bumper plaques are original and different. They are the perfect solution for that hard to find gift.

Meaningful Firefighter Retirement Gifts

Finding that perfect way to recognize lengthy service to a community, whether as a career or as a volunteer, is now a thing of the past. Our customizable plaques are a heartfelt, sincere way to show gratitude and respect. It is a substantial and meaningful firefighter retirement gift that will have a special place in the heart and home of the recipient.

The impact our firefighters have on our communities is critical. Now, finding appropriate firefighter retirement gifts is easier than ever with these ASI Bumper Plaques from Wiley Metal. View our ASI Bumper Plaque page to learn more. See how these plaques are not only a perfect choice for retirement gifts but also for fire station dedications and exceptional achievements and sacrifices for safety personnel. Contact us and let's discuss your specific graphics and your message. We'll be very happy to help you achieve the desired impact you are looking for in a firefighter retirement plaque.






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