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No Job Too Big or Small; Your Metal Fabrication Project is Covered

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It's hard to believe now but Wiley Metal was once a new business. Orders weren't easy to come by, so we said “yes” to everything we could, no matter how big or small the quantity. Forty years later, we're bigger but we have the same can-do attitude. We like high volume production runs (and our 130,000 square feet mfg space loves to be filled to the brim!), but we're still very happy to take on small metal fabrication projects.

We understand a fear of committing to long production runs. Perhaps it's a new product and there's a risk of being stuck with unsold inventory, maybe there just isn't space to hold a lot of metal fabrications, or the issues might be financial. Volume production yields low piece costs but at the expense of tooling, so starting out small preserves the cash flow and reduces risk.

2 Reasons Small Quantity is Appealing

We like to take on this kind of small quantity metal fabrication work for two reasons. First, some of these projects will lead to bigger things, and we hope you'll stay with us as your volumes grow. And second, we believe in “paying it forward.” Back in the early days of Wiley Metal there were some bigger concerns who helped out, and now we're in a position to do the same.

Producing metal fabrications in small quantities takes different equipment to what's needed for high volume production. As we've grown we've invested in high volume equipment, but we've kept our more flexible machines. Take welding: when quantities are low the easiest method is by hand. But as numbers grow the economics shift towards robotic welding where their speed makes up for programming and set up time.

3 Advantages to Low Volume Runs

Low volume processes generally run slower but have at least three advantages:

  • They need little to no special purpose tooling, (which saves both money and lead time.)
  • They don't need time-consuming programming.
  • In most cases set up times are very short.

Taken together, this means we can shear, punch, bend, weld and assemble your small fabrication project without spending a small fortune on tooling or hours on machine preparation. Something else: we maintain the same quality regardless of quantity. Whether we're making 10 or 10,000 fabrications, every one will meet our exacting standards.

From Small to Big, We Can Do That! 

Here at Wiley Metal we haven't forgotten our origins. We know all about watching the cash flow and struggling with high tooling charges. But small businesses grow to become big ones, and new products become market leaders, especially if they get a helping hand. We want to “pay it forward” by being that help. Whatever quantity of metal fabrications you need, we're ready to work with you.


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