About WMF

If you need a source for quality metal fabrication work, look no further! Wiley Metal Fabricating is your one-stop shop for sheet and structural metal fabrications.

We are a third-generation metal fabrication company that calls Indiana home. Our Midwestern ethics and attitude play a big part in who we are.

Our capabilities range from turret punching and laser cutting to CNC bending, welding, and finishing. We can handle your fabrication projects from start to finish, from cutting section and bending sheet to assembly, welding, and finishing. That’s what makes us a one-stop-shop.

We work in steel, stainless, and aluminum of all thicknesses and can handle all types of ferrous and nonferrous metal. We’ll also work with composites, polymers, and even wood.

Our Engineering Department can turn your part or product ideas into detailed drawings and should we see a better way of doing something, or of improving the performance of your metal fabrications, we’ll talk to you about it.

Our expertise runs from prototypes and one-offs to production quantities. Whether you need a small bracket or a run of large and complex weldments, we can help.

We serve industries throughout the Midwest and further afield. Our customers are in transportation, logistics, agriculture, and general manufacturing. We are fortunate to have a terrific and loyal customer base that continues to come to us for the value, service, innovation, and top-notch quality we provide.

At Wiley Metal Fabrication, we strive for short lead time and 100% on-time delivery. Wabash has recognized us repeatedly with their Platinum Award for excellence in supply chain performance delivery, quality, cost, and innovation and in 2021 with their Distinguished Supplier Award for outstanding customer service and support. Recently, in 2022 we were honored to receive their Platinum Supplier Award for excellence in supply chain performance for the 8th time.

If you’d like to put our expertise to work on your next project or have any questions, please contact us today.

Customer focused, innovative, quality driven and on-time delivery defines Wiley Metal, from our technical expertise and precision manufacturing to our world-class certified solutions.


At Wiley Metal we understand that a trailer is the business end of a truck. This is why we take the time and use the craftsmanship and materials to ensure ours are quality truck trailer parts that will provide years of durable service.


Whether you need spiral chutes, bins, or other space-saving devices, contact Wiley Metal. We specialize in fabricating material handling equipment that meets your needs safely and economically.


Utility trucks are All-American vehicles that keep America functioning and keep Americans employed. We believe it is our patriotic duty to keep these vehicles outfitted with quality Wiley Metal utility truck accessories that are built to last.


Avionic Structures Inc. is a division of Wiley Metal that makes quality OEM polished stainless steel bumpers, painted replacement bumpers, and manufactures fire engine extensions.


As the Recreational Vehicle industry continues to grow, so do the options, amenities, and parts that RV users desire. Many Recreational Vehicle owners have high expectations for quality, and quality is right up our alley.


Wiley Metal Fabricating completed a reorganization in 2021, to better manage large-scale projects spanning multiple months. These changes have led to WMF meeting on-time delivery requirements for very complex projects with zero quality defects and low-cost solutions for our customers.


We’re in the business of helping customers solve problems. We do this by designing and making fabricated parts that range from small and simple to large and complex, however, we add even more value by helping our customers achieve their goals.


We’ve invested in a wide range of material processing capabilities and we’re dedicated to delighting our customers. Our capabilities range from laser cutting and water jetting to routing and CNC turret punching. Whatever the material, we can meet your design requirements.


We solve supply chain challenge for high-growth manufacturers so they can deliver quality products on time to the marketplace.

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The Role of CAD/CAM in Modern Forming and Shaping

The Role of CAD/CAM in Modern Forming and Shaping

Much of the fabrication equipment in our shop is CNC, which means each machine needs programming. That can be done at the machine, but in most cases, we prefer to do it with our computer-aided manufacturing, or CAM, software. CAM works out the best way to produce a...

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