In this latest series, we’ve been detailing the partnership of Wiley Metal and a major recreational vehicle manufacturer. We discussed the importance of precision in setting the highest standards. In our last blog, we talked about adaptability. Here, we want to share our checklist of how being a responsive supplier has helped us maintain and grow this relationship as an RV parts supplier with this prestigious company.

1. Short Lead Times

We knew going in there would likely be short lead times. This meant the closer we could stay in touch, the better it would be for our production team. We would have to work out a well-laid out production schedule to meet their demands. We would need to do this while maintaining the precision we promised and they expected.

2. Open Communication

By staying in close contact, we could reduce our risks and improve our ability to meet their deadlines. We could be better poised to deliver for them as their customer’s requests changed and their products evolved. They were on a mission to keep on top of trends and we had to follow them quickly.

3. Situational Awareness

By building a closer relationship, Wiley Metal was able to create an increasingly responsive production schedule to react to their needs. Our situational awareness allowed us to anticipate their needs. We can’t over-emphasize how critical this is in working as a recreational vehicle hardware supplier. For that matter, it is important in every segment of our business.

4. Exceptional Management Tools

We were able to build exceptional management tools, where our client could be confident we would be able to produce a certain part or fulfill an order within a set period. They could count on us.

Certainly, in today’s manufacturing environment, speed is critical. But understanding the difference between being fast and being responsive is also critical. Responsiveness has the important element of communication associated with it. It is like waiting an extra 15 minutes for your steak at a restaurant. If you know the wait will result in an excellent dining experience and the waiter makes you aware of the reason for the wait, it is much more tolerable than looking at your watch getting frustrated.

By maximizing our responsiveness, we not only better served this particular client, but we grew as an organization. We better realized how critical the role of being a responsive supplier was to our customers, and to our own growth. It solidified our core beliefs that we weren’t here to sell someone something. We were here to help them grow and become more profitable. If we did that enough, we too would grow…and we have.

We are so very grateful for the relationship that we have with this recreational vehicle manufacturing company. It is the definition of a partnership which is built on trust and integrity. Coming up next, how integrity led to the growth of our relationship with this RV manufacturer.