When other people get home from work they can talk about how they’ve saved lives, delivered essential supplies or maybe even developed a vaccine for a particularly nasty little virus. When we get home from work we talk about the versatility of aluminum extrusion. (Yes, our spouses deserve your sympathy!)

The thing is though, for fabricators like us aluminum extrusion is an amazing material. It’s light and strong, electrically and thermally conductive, corrosion-resistant and takes a variety of finishes and coatings. Those properties make it ideal for a wide range of fabrication projects. From workbenches and display stands to electrical conduit and RV window frames, aluminum extrusion has many, many uses.

Fabricators Who Extrude

Rather inexplicably, not everyone shares our passion for fabricating with aluminum. Many extruders for instance would rather stick with what they know than get into the business of cutting, drilling, milling and bending the sections they extrude. Design engineers don’t always fully appreciate the capabilities of this amazing material. And some people just can’t face the complexity of sourcing extrusion and then finding a fabricator to work with it.

If you fall into one of those groups we’ve got news for you: the Wiley Metal team is here to help. We’re fabricators par excellence, well we aim to be, but we’re also aluminum extruders. File that under, “Things not a lot of people know,” if you want, but it’s true. We don’t just cut, bend and weld, we can extrude too.

In fact here are four ways we can help with your next aluminum extrusion project:

  1. Fabricate for extrusion businesses

If you’re in the extrusion business you might be looking for ways to add some extra value to the services you offer. Alternatively, perhaps you find customers throw you some unreasonable requests. Well they’re unreasonable if you don’t have the equipment or expertise. Don’t say no to their business. Say yes, then talk to us.

Here are some examples. A customer wants a particular section cutting into a mix of lengths for their project. Perhaps they need holes drilling and slots milling at the ends. Could be they even want pieces bending to a very specific radius, some welding operations, or all of the above.

This is where we can help. At Wiley we’re experts in sawing, milling, drilling, forming and welding aluminum extrusion. If you extrude aluminum but your customers wants components ready for assembly, or even finished assemblies, talk to us.

  1. Carry out the engineering and design for your aluminum extrusion project

Aluminum extrusion isn’t just for window frames; it’s a highly versatile form of material that can improve product performance and help save money, if you know how to use it.

We do.

Extruded section has a 2-dimensional profile yet many 3-dimensional uses. We can show you how to solve your design problems in ways you might never have imagined. Extrusions can become hinges, load-bearing structural members, brackets and carriers. All it takes is some experience and imagination, plus strong engineering design capabilities of course. If you’re not sure how to solve a design problem, talk to us. Aluminum extrusion might be part, or even all, of the answer.

  1. A one-stop-shop for extrusion and fabrication

Sometimes the extruded aluminum profiles in the catalogs or on the websites aren’t exactly what you need. Maybe you can’t get the exact dimensions, perhaps there’s no way to locate a captive nut just where it’s needed. For situations like these a custom extrusion can be surprisingly affordable. However, talking to an extruder and a fabricator is going to take up a lot of your time. Plus, it needs only the slightest miscommunication for the whole project to go off-kilter. So how do you keep it simple?

If you think there’s a theme emerging, well yes, you’re right. We can help.

We have aluminum extrusion capabilities in-house. That means we can handle the whole project from design to fabrication, (plus coating of course.) Not only does this save your time and reduce the leadtime but it improves the quality of the final fabricated product too. Because we know how the extrusion will be cut, formed, joined and used we can design accordingly. We can put metal where it’s needed in the extrusion and take it out from where it’s not, helping you optimize design, performance and cost.

  1. Fabricate with extruded material for clients looking for high-quality work

There are people who think you can’t weld extruded aluminum and that it must be bolted or screwed together. Some think you can’t bend extruded aluminum and others believe it makes a poor alternative to a welded steel fabrication.

Those naysayers haven’t talked to us. Fabrication is in our genes; it’s what we do. If aluminum extrusion makes sense for your project, we’ll tell you. Some examples would be:

  • You need strength but have to keep the weight down
  • The final product needs corrosion-resistance
  • Your designer or architect wants visually appealing surface finishes
  • You’re looking to minimize total lifetime costs

If any of these apply to your project, aluminum extrusion could be part or all of the answer.

How do you find out? Surely you’ve figured this out by now: talk to us.

We Want Your Challenge

Aluminum extrusion is a beautiful material to work with. It cuts and bends readily and can look fantastic when finished. You probably want to use it in your next project but you’re not sure how to get it from long, straight lengths into the product you need. If that’s you, ask us what we suggest. If your inquiry is particularly intriguing we might even end up talking about it over the family dinner table. That’s something our long-suffering spouses are used to.