No matter what you do for a living, you can be more productive if you have everything you need at the ready. For some, it may be a laptop or a cellphone. For others it may be a shovel or hammer. For many, utility trucks are their workplace. These versatile vehicles allow those who use them to improve productivity while on the road. Because they are used in so many varying applications, utility truck accessories can be very different. This makes having a variety of custom accessories available a must.

5 Popular Accessories for the Modern Utility Truck:

1. Tool Boxes. No surprise here. In virtually every application, tool boxes are a critical part of a utility truck accessories. They not only allow tools to be accessible when needed but can also keep them securely stored when not in use. Utility truck tool boxes can help organize tools and keep them out of the weather. This can better keep tools from coming up missing and extend their lifespan.

2. Control Panels. Electronics and technology is playing a larger and larger role in all of our workplaces, including modern utility trucks. Control panels make sure only the appropriate people have access to the vehicle’s electronic controls. Control panels should also be engineered to best protect their contents from the elements.

3. Bolt Bins. Bolt bins are not just for bolts, but for any series of small parts needed while on the job. At Wiley Metal, we can design bins for a multitude of applications. These bins organize small parts, keeping them separate and handy. Bolt bins help identify when various parts need replenishing as well. Nothing wastes time like unnecessarily looking for a critical small parts while on location and bolt bins can help resolve the issue.

4. Tailshelves. Tailshelves extend from the rear of a truck, adding space and versatility. Tailshelves can be produced to carry tools,  parts, signs and cones. They can be designed with a battery compartment or for other specialty purposes. Tailshelves may be accessed from the rear or curbside and are the perfect utility truck accessories to increase capacities. What could your customers do with more useable space?

5. Items That Improve Safety.  Utility truck accessories that improve safety of workers are extremely popular for the modern utility truck. Wiley Metal fabricates a number of these products including rear window guards, shims, platforms and more. Many of these accessories that improve safety are very cost effective. Like all of our utility truck accessories, each is engineered to provide years of use.

Getting Value From Your Utility Truck Accessories

We take pride in our utility truck accessories. Through the years we’ve discovered that the more different types of accessories we produce for a manufacturer, the better these accessories can work together, adding even more value. Whether a utility truck is intended for the cable, power, construction, landscaping or other industry, our parts and accessories will rise to the occasion.

If you are looking for a metal fabricator that can produce long-lasting quality utility truck accessories, we invite you to contact us at Wiley Metal. As modern utility trucks are asked to do more and more, you may even have an innovative idea for a utility truck accessory. Let’s talk about it. We, perhaps, can help you take that idea from concept to reality. We look forward to talking with you!