Like other products and services, metal fabrication suppliers each have their own “personality”. Metal fabrication companies have their individual areas of expertise, experience and knowledge. They operate under differing philosophies, missions and goals. There are boutique suppliers and large corporations. So how do you decide the best metal fabricating services for you?

Here are 5 top things to look for in your metal fabrication supplier.

  1. Do they share your values? Through the years, we have discovered the companies we work best with are the ones where we share similar missions, goals and values. We enjoy partnering with our clients. When the parties are on the same page, the relationship is so much more productive. We often get positive comments about our Mid-Western Values and Hoosier Hospitality. We pride ourselves in conducting business and a DWYSYWD (Do What You Say You Will Do) mind-set. Some organizations may not place such importance on values, but at Wiley Metal, we have found it a valuable foundation to build our customer relationships upon.
  2. Do they have the capability to produce what you need? What type of materials do they work with? What metal fabrication services do they offer? What are their capacities? Have they produced similar products or at least products within your industry? This is not to say that some metal fabrication companies can’t work “out of the box”. We certainly enjoy projects that require us to reach beyond our everyday experience. A company’s previous work experience and capabilities, however, are a good indication of what they can do for you moving forward.
  3. What “value-added” services do they offer? Does the metal fabrication company you are looking at offer services that add value to your relationship? Do they offer any design services for example? Do they have engineers that can provide ideas and answers? Can they direct ship to your customers? Don’t underestimate the importance of value-added services a metal fabrication service can provide.
  4. What importance do they place on customer service? As much as technology advances, business relationships are still very personal. That is why customer service is so important in metal fabrication. You want to have an idea on how your metal fabrication service backs up its products. Are team members available when you need them? Will they prioritize a critical, time-sensitive order for you? World-class metal fabricators will have world-class customer service.
  5. Value. Some confuse value with price and that can be a critical mistake. It has been said that price is what you pay while value is what you get. There is a lot of truth to that. The economics of any transaction is important in business. But economic factors also include factors like quality, waste, efficiency, and timeliness. We aren’t naive enough to think price doesn’t matter. Of course it does. But the overall value you get from your metal fabricator should trump price alone.

We think when you consider all of the above factors, you will be on a solid path to finding a metal fabrication service to serve your needs best. Of course, we invite you to contact Wiley Metal to learn more. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Let’s see what we can do for you!