Our Director of Sales recently received some old print ads for the Avionic Structures Inc. division of Wiley Metal from a long-time customer of ours. The ads appear to be from around the mid-1980s, which, believe it or not, is over 30 years ago. To put things in perspective, this was a time when a gallon of gas cost an average of $1.09, and postage stamps were 22 cents. It was a time when the first mobile phone call was made in the UK, President Reagan and Soviet Leader Gorbachev met for the first time, and Nintendo introduced their innovative NES video game system. This, of course, was prior to our acquisition of ASI. One of the advertisements sent to us, “6 Reasons to Put an ASI Bumper on Your Vehicle” particularly caught our attention. The ad went on to list the 6 reasons as follows:

  1. Precise Engineering
  2. Price
  3. Pre-Production Proofing
  4. “Wrinkle-Free” Forming
  5. Delivery
  6. Shape Verification

The ad went onto explain some of the processes and why they made such a difference. It made us realize that those same 6 reasons are still so very important to this day. Here’s why.

Precise Engineering

Precise engineering has always been a hallmark for Wiley Metal and ASI. Quality products have always served to build reputations and in metal fabrication, it starts with precise engineering from talented engineers. .


Metal fabrication doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Metal fabricators are in a competitive industry and must work daily to produce quality products while offering competitive price points. For us, it’s always been about delivering the greatest value for our customers.

Pre-Production Proofing

The importance of quality control can’t ever be overlooked in any manufacturing process. Ours is a “measure twice, cut once” industry and proofing is critical in avoiding waste and improving satisfaction.

Wrinkle-Free Forming

Stainless steel remains a challenging material to form properly and our signature highly polished stainless steel fire truck bumpersin particular must be formed to exacting standards. Our clients expect perfection.


Production procedures and delivery logistics may change, but meeting production schedules on-time has, and continues to be, an important component of our work here. That goal hasn’t changed in the 30-plus years since the ad was first produced.

Shape Verification

Shape verification may be accomplished differently today than decades ago, but reaching precise specifications has always been one of our goals. Even products as large as our ASI bumpers must be precise to fit and look their best.

Vehicles have certainly changed through the years. The size meet safety standardsand shapes of all sort of vehicle bumpers have been adjusted to be stylish, , and in the case of fire trucks, be increasing versatile. We continue to strive to provide products that exceed expectations. If you are in search of OEM replacement bumpers for your vehicles, contact us. When it comes to quality, some things just don’t change.

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