We’re big fans of powder coating. That because we’re proud of the metal fabrications we make, and we want them to last. Sometimes we’re asked, “Can’t I just paint it?” Well yes, you could. And in a couple of years you’ll paint it again. And again a couple of years later.

Why Use this Type of Finish?

Simply put, it does a much better job of protecting metalwork. It looks really good and has other advantages too. In Letterman style, we’d like to share seven reasons you should ask for this type of a  metal fabrication finish, but first, a little about the process.

What is the Process?

Think of it as covering the surface in a thin layer of plastic. Between 0.001” and 0.006” thin to be more precise. After preparing the metal to remove oxides we connect it to an electrical ground and spray it with a polymer powder. The spray gun gives the powder a positive electrical charge, so it’s attracted to to the metal. This charge also pulls powder into those hard-to-reach places that might otherwise be neglected, helping ensure a complete coating.

After a spraying a single layer the parts go into an oven to bake. The powder grains melt slightly, coalescing into a single film that covers and protects. We let the parts cool and then they’re good to go, no additional finishing required.

7 Reasons to Ask for It

So now you understand the process, how about those seven reasons? Here they are:

  1. Powder coating protects metal better than paint. This is because paints contain a solvent which, as it evaporates, leaves microscopic pores that let moisture reach the metal. Eventually the paint starts to lift away from the substrate. That doesn’t happen with powder.
  2. This type of finish is exceptionally durable. They resist chips and fade less in bright sun. That saves you money because you’re not stripping and repainting every couple of years.
  3. You don’t get drips or runs with powder coating. A blemish-free appearance is assured and no secondary sanding and polishing operations are needed.
  4. You can get any color and finish you want, and that includes textured finishes. Just ask.
  5. Powder coated metalwork looks great. There’s no other way to put it. You get a high gloss finish if that’s what you want, or if you want a semi-gloss or matte finish that’s do-able too.
  6. The absence of solvent makes powder coating far more pleasant than spray painting. Yes it’s environmentally friendly because there are none of those annoying VOC’s, but it also makes for a much better workplace. The guys appreciate that and we hope you do too.
  7. This is another reason why we like powder: there’s very little waste. Unlike spray painting where 60 percent or more of the material is lost, over 90 percent of the powder that didn’t settle on the fabrication can be recovered and reused. That’s a saving we can pass along to you.

Powder coating. It’s a process we love because it produces high quality results. And did we mention it works better than paint?