In the world of metal fabrication, there is a “heated” debate. Is laser or micro tig welding best for you project? Let’s take a look at both and explore the advantages of each.

Micro Tig Welding

Micro tig welding, GTAW, and micro-welding use an electric arc to heat metals to molten levels, when a filler rod is used to add to the molten metal. The biggest difference between traditional TIG welding and micro tig welding services is the amount of amperage used in each. Micro tig welding generally uses less than 10 amps and is used along with a high powered microscope. The talent of the technician is critical in micro-tig welding, along with controlling the amperage to precise levels.

Laser Welding

Laser welding uses light energy. The energy from the light heats the weld zone quickly along with the filler rod creating the weld. The weld is controlled through its beam size, the voltage used, the width of the pulse, and the timed intervals the light energy is applied. Operator skill is also critical in laser welding.

The Differences

A positive aspect of using a laser is that there is no heat generated in the piece being worked on by electrical current. The singular downside is that it is limited to line-of-sight. If the laser beam cannot be directed to the weld area, it will not work. Any obstructions will eliminate this style of welding as an option. Laser welds, when done properly, are frequently undetectable. Because laser welding uses low current, it can be a lengthy and tedious process, but it can deliver some impressive results.

Micro tig welding is a more precise and less aggressive form of welding than traditional TIG welding. The downside is the amount of heat generated by the amperage used in micro tig welding. It also can require some challenging positioning of the work-piece, depending on the project.

The Good News

Because the processes have somewhat similar results, some metal fabrication companies offer just micro tig welding services. Part of the reason is the investment in laser equipment and maintenance is significant. The good news is that at Wiley Metal, we offer both micro tig and laser welding services. This gives us the greatest flexibility when exacting laser or micro tig welding services are required for microscopic welding projects.

Wiley Metal Laser Cell

While the debate in the industry between micro tig and laser welding may sometimes become “heated”, we appreciate having the capabilities to perform both. We also appreciate our skilled team of welders who perform a variety of welding services on a daily basis.

If you are in search of a metal fabrication company, with the tools and skills to get just about any metal fabrication process completed to your satisfaction, we invite you to contact us at Wiley Metal. Put our team of professional, customer-focused people to work for you.