Wiley Family Culture

We’re proud to say that Wiley Metal is a family business, but that means more than just having our name over the door. Family is about trust, respect, consideration, and support, and those are values we strive to live out every day.

The Wiley fabrication business was started by Verne Wiley back in 1982. Verne knew steel fabrication and decided to start a company that would do things the right way. That meant providing excellent service and top quality, but it also extended to how employees are treated.

At Wiley, employees are like family. They are listened to, respected, and valued, and they have every opportunity to advance. This seems to have paid off because turnover is low and many of our employees have been with us a long time.

That’s important for at least two reasons. First, we want everyone who works here to feel they can make a contribution. It brings out the best in them, and it helps us serve our customers better, which is reason number two.

Dependable, long-service employees understand what’s expected. They’ve learned the customers and their jobs and remember all those little things that don’t make it onto the print or Purchase Order but are still part of the value we provide. That’s the benefit of being a family business.

Today there are second and third generations of Wiley’s working in the business. A lot has changed, but more has stayed the same. We have high-tech machinery that Verne could only dream of in ‘82, but we still have those same family values and the commitment to doing things right.

If you’d like to know more about how our family culture guides our business, we’re always happy to talk. And if you’d like to know how we can meet your needs for high-quality metal fabrications, please contact us.