Award Winning
OEM Supplier

How We Work Best:

We solve supply chain challenge for high-growth manufacturers so they can deliver quality products on time to the marketplace.

The Ideal Customer

  • $500,000+ annually with growth
  • High production runs
  • High growth rate
  • Needs for engineering collaboration
  • Open to exploring efficiencies
  • Willing to develop a relationship with our executive team
  • Level loaded customer – consistent, steady repeat work
  • Throughout the entire year
  • Located in the midwest

The Beginning of the Relationship

  • Address the challenge
  • Build Personal relationship with executive members of the team
  • Get connected on site – several site visits
  • Collaborate on improvements/efficiencies
  • Engineering drawing review
  • Complete review – Cost saving/efficiency review

The Ongoing Relationship

  • Sustained OTD > 90% For All Customers
  • Efficiency on Shop Floor
  • Level Loading Shop Floor Schedules
  • Leader Standard Works & LPA (Layer Processing Audits)
  • Continuous Quality Inspection
  • Manage by Work Center Hours
  • Employee Retention & Reorg
  • Daily Ops Reporting
  • Customer Service follows up on every order
  • Connected relationship between both executive teams

The Relationship Goal

Build a trusted, valued partnership where Wiley Metal helps fuel efficiency and innovation efforts.

Wiley Metal Fabricating’s Pyramid of Change

Implementing Data Metrics Leading to Customer Satisfaction

Data Metrics

  • Became a data focused company without losing our personal touch. 
  • Implemented a Daily Ops report tracking key metrics for the company.
  • CI Project to reduce Quoting Process by 70% – Focus Team: In/Outside Sales, Engineering, Scheduling, & Purchasing
  • Goal to return accurate quotes within 4 calendar days – Currently Active

  • Created live schedules on the shop floor, allowing data to dictate prioritization of the shop floor.
  • Managing schedules and sales by number of hours of each work center.
  • Managing to an 85% capacity restraint to allow for drop in’s and hot orders.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Creating processes that are measurable and assigning specific tasks to each level of management
  • All levels of management becoming proactive vs. reactive