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What to Expect From Wiley Metal

Many of our customers have been with us for years. They know they’ll receive customer-focused service, quality, innovation, and value. For new customers, or anyone thinking about requesting fabrication work from us, here’s what to expect.

We’re big believers in “The Golden Rule”: we treat others the way we would like to be treated. That means we’re committed to listening to our customers and giving them what they need. We strive to deliver the best quality we can, not just in the fabrications we make, but in the service we provide.

Our emphasis on service and quality drives us to innovate. We’re not looking for new ways of doing things just because we can though. Innovation at Wiley Metal means if we see a better way of solving a problem or achieving a goal, we’ll talk to our customers about it.

Let’s look at what this kind of innovation means. Perhaps we’re reviewing prints for trailer parts and we realize we could save weight by switching to aluminum rather than steel. Or maybe we see an opportunity to modify a joint in a way that makes it easier to weld but just as strong. When we see opportunities to do something better, we talk to our customers about it.

Value is always important, and as somewhat frugal Midwesterners we’re adamant about not paying top dollar for anything. That thinking extends to the projects we quote and the work we carry out: we know value matters to our customers, and we aim to deliver it. It’s all part of the Wiley service, and that’s what to expect when you trust us with your business.

If you’d like to experience Wiley Metal’s service, quality, innovation, and value, request a quote today.