At Wiley Metal, we choose aluminum for many of our metal fabrication products for a variety of reasons. It is strong but lightweight and it resists corrosion. It has both good electrical and thermal conductivity, but it also is highly reflective to both heat and light. Many of our manufacturing clients already know when they want a part product created out of aluminum and will let us know in their initial specs. A lot of our recreational vehicle and truck trailer clients have “lightweight-strength” at the top of their wish list and aluminum is tough to beat in that area.

Aluminum Does Not Change Colors When Heated

Aluminum is interesting in that unlike other metals, it does not change color as it is heated. For those of us in metal fabrication, that is both an asset and a challenge. Since it doesn’t change color, aluminum welds tend to appear more finished. When performed extremely well, these welds are a thing of beauty.  You know, we all have the things that make us smile and make us puff out our chest a little. Perfect aluminum welds can do that for our welding team…and for good reason. It is a bit of an art.

The Many Personality Traits of Aluminum

Along with the fact that it doesn’t change color when heated (at least until close to the prefect point of welding) aluminum’s other properties can make it a challenge to weld. The metal has a number of personality traits that make it far different to the welding of steels. Its aluminum oxide surface coating, high conductivity of heat and high thermal expansion levels all can make achieving the perfect weld like chasing a snake. No, aluminum welding is not often easy, but considering it is the second most welded metal material, fabricators had better be pretty good at it. At Wiley Metal, we’ve made it one of our specialties.

Challenge Accepted

We have the ability to perform automated aluminum welds to precise specifications and to improve efficiencies. We can create one-of-a-kind welded aluminum projects either as a prototype or a single, unique project. We work with aluminum sheet and plate metal, aluminum tread, aluminum extrusionpre-painted aluminum sheets and more. When you want aluminum welding performed at a higher standard, we invite you to experience the Wiley Metal difference.

Go Green with Aluminum

On a greener note, we appreciate working with aluminum because it is one of the worlds most recycled materials and metals. Recycled aluminum saves 95% of the energy it takes to manufacture it new. If your company is a company that is building its green reputation, be sure to let us know. We can help build that reputation by ensuring your product or part is made as least partially, with recycled aluminum.

What can we do for you? Contact us today and let’s talk about it. We love creating new adventures and building new partners.