In our last blog we began a sort of “case study” on a client of ours who is a highly respected and reputable recreational vehicle manufacturer. We discussed how attention to detail and precision is part of the fiber of their company and how Wiley Metal as their RV parts supplier delivers upon those goals. Raising the bar is contagious and we love it at Wiley Metal.

Adaptability is also a critical component for this growing RV company we are discussing. Successful companies not only grow, but they tend to grow quickly. When their concepts are accepted by the public they must be ready for production quickly while maintaining quality and attention to detail. In the case of this particular recreational vehicle manufacturer, they wanted to be able to extend customer options and model lines. These lines and options grew at a very rapid pace that had us on our toes.

At Wiley Metal, we were able to quickly add, and modify our production lines to adapt to the needs of this company. Within two weeks we could respond to their customer requests for differing options and parts that we were assigned to produce. Again, keeping in mind, that precision and attention to detail was at the core of our assignment, we were able to deliver on-time and with the quality they expected.

Our engineering and production team has been up to the task at every step along the way. Do we stub our toe now and again? Sure we do, but we have a vision that those missteps make us better as a company and make us better equipped to help our clients in the long run. We continue to work with this client in developing parts that meet or exceed expectations. It has been a relationship and partnership that continues to this day.

When opportunity strikes, like it has for this RV manufacturer, they need suppliers on their team who are ready, willing and able to help them take advantage of the opportunity. They need suppliers who are adaptable like Wiley Metal.

In our next blog we will discuss the benefits of a well laid out production schedule and how a responsive supplier can help your business grow. If you are in recreational vehicle manufacturing or a related business, we think you will find it interesting. See you next time.