Avionic Structures of Indiana

Avionic Structures Inc. is a division of Wiley Metal that makes quality bumpers. That is a long winded way to say we create stuff out of polished stainless steel.

What kind of stuff? Well, the core of our business is OEM bumpers sales. These include polish stainless steel and painted replacement bumpers. We also manufacture fire engine extensions. We are very proud of our work in this area and are grateful for the customers who have helped us grow it so successfully.

What makes us different? We absolutely love our highly polished stainless steel bumpers for two reasons. Not only are they longer lasting than chrome, but they maintain a brighter finish than anything else we’ve seen in the market. In fact, we use our bumpers in place of mirrors in all Wiley Metal bathrooms.

It is an exciting time for ASI. This part of our business is growing in extraordinary ways. What does this mean for you? We think it can mean opportunity. You see, we are looking for ideas and concepts for manufacturing partnerships for our ASI division. Perhaps you are involved in technology or in another industry where you need assistance on the manufacturing and fabrication side. If that sounds like you, please feel free to contact us. Let’s discuss your ideas and how we may be able to form a manufacturing partnership.

For more detailed information, please visit: avionicstructures.com

Fire Engine Replacement Bumpers
A big shout out to our firefighter friends, but some of you guys need to be a bit more careful. Well, not too careful. After all ASI sells a great deal of fire engine replacement bumpers. ASI custom makes chrome, stainless steel and painted steel replacement bumpers that are manufactured to last and maintain a professional appearance. If you are in search of fire engine replacement bumpers due to accident or decay, contact ASI. And be careful out there!
Stainless Steel Bumpers
When durability is an issue, stainless steel replacement bumpers are an excellent choice for emergency vehicles. Our team works hard in creating stainless steel bumpers that meet and exceed original equipment standards. They also take additional pride in making sure they look as good as they are durable. Each stainless steel bumper created is guaranteed to properly fit its intended vehicle. To us, they are close to being works of art. Seriously.
Painted Steel Bumpers
Accidents happen. Emergency vehicle bumpers occasionally need replacing. We are here to help. Among the variety of replacement bumpers we offer, we have painted steel bumpers that will replicate the damaged bumper as close as possible. If you have a situation where a painted steel bumper fire engine replacement is needed through accident or decay, contact us. Accidents do indeed happen, and we are glad to be here when they do.
Fire Engine Extensions
Fire engine extensions are an affordable option to add versatility to your fleet. Extensions can carry new and additional equipment and make fire trucks even more valuable for the communities of which they serve. The challenge is making sure extensions are manufactured to high safety standards. Emergency vehicles are significant investments. Quality, properly engineered fire engine extensions can maintain that investment. Contact ASI and let’s discuss how we can extend the value of your fleet.

Have an idea? Tell us about your project!

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