ASI Bumper Plaques

Polished, Stainless Steel, Customizable

Cut from our stainless steel bumpers, an industry trademark, in use on fire trucks in all 50 states.

Customizable, Made-To-Order


Honor Active & Retired Firefighting Personnel

Christen New Fire Trucks & Fire Stations

Commemorate Dates & Service Anniversaries


Plaques are engraved with your choice of names, dates, and graphics.

Have a special request? Send us ideas and we’ll contact you to discuss the details.

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A token of gratitude, a statement of remembrance, or a display of pride; these plaques commemorate fire fighting personnel.

Avionic Structures of Indiana has been manufacturing fire truck bumpers since 2010, a product in-use on countless fire trucks nationwide. ASI thanks fire fighting personnel for their service and bravery in the line of duty.

For more information, contact us at (765)671-7865 or email Ben Wiley.

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