In this third post in our series of articles discussing the benefits of creating a culture of process management and root cause analysis, we are going to focus more on the topic of Business Process Management (BPM) and Manufacturing Process Management (MPM).

As the marketplace continues to evolve, and evolve quickly, manufacturing teams are being forced to evolve as well. Volatility in demand, sustainability, introductions of new products and higher product quality are driving this evolution. The benefits of Business Process Management and Manufacturing Process Management are helping many manufacturing teams adapt.


In BPM, manufacturer’s take a fresh view of how their processes are determined and supported by technology. Manufacturing teams should explore how work is completed, breaking it down to small steps that can be easily repeated. These steps should then be performed the same across an organization. MPM similarly looks at how pieces are produced so processes can be made more efficient.

In MPM both design and manufacturing engineers should work hand-in-hand in developing and in production, whether it is a production plan that includes a bill of materials, tooling requests, and time & cost estimates. They also should look more in-depth at potential design changes that could improve manufacturability. At this point, it is up to manufacturing engineers to explore their options whether it is in-house or through using an outsource partner. Once completed, the production plan is documented and work plans are sent on to production operators. Even when in production the MPM process allows for feedback back to design engineers that may improve manufacturability further. This provides the flexibility and ability to handle more changes and even new products.

MPM Benefits

The benefits of MPM include:

  • Reduced waste and reworks
  • Better cooperation between manufacturing and design engineering
  • Standardized production and design plans
  • More efficient production ramp-ups
  • More cost-effective product design changes

BPM and MPM are extensions of manufacturing’s constant quests for more efficiency in production. It may ultimately lead to a decision that outsourcing is the most efficient answer.

What Can We Do Together?

At Wiley Metal, we pride ourselves in our constant and proactive quality improvement initiatives. By implementing root cause analysis and more process management strategies into to our organization, we are prepared to better help companies initiating their own similar strategies into their processes.

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