Hurl something at Gotham’s Dark Knight and he’ll turn his fabric cape into a rigid shield.

We think anyone who’s ever suffered a stone chip in their gleaming paint probably wishes for something similar.

Well here’s the thing: a Daubert coating acts much like that cape. In fact it protects metal so well it’s specified by OEMs for heavy-duty on and off-road machinery. If you’ve never heard of Daubert coatings before, keep reading and learn why you might want to ask about them.


Metal is our business. It’s actually a pretty amazing material to work with, capable of being fabricated into a limitless range of shapes, but it’s not perfect. Metal has an affinity for oxygen, which means it rusts. Yes, stainless steel is immune, but while it looks great in your grill or as the bumpers on a fire truck, it’s not always the appearance you want. So metal fabrications usually need coating.

Metal Coating Options

Paint tends to be people’s first choice for coating metal, and as you may know, at Wiley Metal we’re big fans of powder coating. Among other benefits, powder coat finishes are durable and free from runs. But, when you want the ultimate in a protective metal coating nothing comes close to a Daubert coating.

This type of coating comes from the Daubert Chemical Company of Illinois. Started by George Daubert a few years before WWII, they offer a wide array of metal protection products. Daubert materials are used for protecting metal from corrosion during transportation, for sound deadening, (metal panels sometimes have an annoying tendency to vibrate,) as adhesives, and as a coating for metal.

Daubert manufactures a range of coating products, water-based, solvent-based, and solvent-free. The water-based coatings are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s,) easy to apply, and provide excellent metal surface protection. Solvent-based coatings go on well to metal surfaces and dry quickly. They provide corrosion protection for the long term. The solvent-free coatings have the advantage of being particularly environmentally friendly. Trade names for Daubert include Nox-Rust and Tectyl.

Applications for Daubert coatings

Metal components in places like vehicle and trailer undersides cry out for Daubert coatings. They’ll shrug off stone chips, grit and mud for years and prolonging the service life of the equipment. Areas of high humidity and salt spray, as found in coastal regions, are especially hard on any metal fabrication, and investing in a Daubert coating often pays off in better durability.

Ask about Daubert Coatings

Here at Wiley we offer a wide array of protective coating services. Sometimes all you need is paint. We like the advantages of powder coating, but when you really need the best possible corrosion protection, ask us for the Daubert.

And as we wrap up, permit us one last observation. Unlike a Daubert coating, Batman and his cape are just fictional creations of DC Comics. Hmm, DC Comics – Daubert Coatings – is that just coincidence?