CURT RAFFENSPERGER – 34th St. Site Manager

At 5 Curt was pretty sure he’d grow up to be a professional ball player. Instead, he became our 34th St. Site Manager and hits home runs every day! (See what we did there?) Curt joined Wiley Metal in 2019 and has become an indispensable part of the team, but he’s not all work. At home he might catch up with “Two and a Half Men”, rock out to 38 Special, or root for the underdog in whatever game’s on TV.

Curt describes himself as a dog person and tells us that if called up for the US Olympic team he’d be playing soccer. We have to wonder about that one and also the fashion trend he’d like to see make a comeback: 80’s-style jam shorts! Seriously Curt? Please don’t wear them to the office!