DEBBI (JONES) LEACH – Subcontractor Manager, ASI Customer Service, Safety Manager

Debbi (Jones) Leach found her way to Wiley back in 1993 and is another star of Customer Service. Debbi would like to see men start wearing suspenders again, but she also likes Vince Gill and George Strait and we’re not sure we’ve seen those guys wearing them.

To our question about sports teams, Debbi told us she roots for, “Any team that my grandkids are playing on!” She also shared that her chosen superpower would be the ability to, “… rewind, manipulate and travel through time.” Mmm, now that is a good one!

When it comes to words of wisdom, Debbi shared these with us: “Listen with curiosity, speak with honesty and act with integrity.” Good advice for all of us but especially important for someone working in Customer Service!