JERRY SHELBY – Purchasing Manager

Jerry Shelby is our Purchasing Manager. Jerry started with Wiley in 1998, after his boyhood ambition of being a sports announcer didn’t work out. When he’s not negotiating, Jerry follows Chicago Cubs baseball, listens to Van Halen, and watches Seinfeld. He tells us he’d like to see Blue Brothers-style black hats and sunglasses make a comeback. That makes sense because didn’t those guys give their address as 1060 West Addison?

Two other things to know about Jerry are his zombie apocalypse teammates and the wisest words he ever heard. For the former, he’d pick Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Emma Stone. (Apparently, they have experience with Zombies.) For the latter, Jerry says, “Don’t judge people on their worst days based off of your best intentions.”