JOE MCPHEARSON – General Manager

Joe McPhearson went from farmer to welder to builder of fire trucks, so it makes sense that he stuck around at Wiley Metal. Joe’s our General Manager and self-described old-timer, which is apt because he’s been here since 1985. Joe likes to play a little golf, watch the Indianapolis Colts, and rock out to some Ted Nugent. We don’t know if he does them at the same time but it’s possible because a wise man once told him to, “Live life to the fullest. It is shorter than you know.”

When we asked Joe who he’d want on his team in the zombie apocalypse he came up with an interesting answer. “Jack Bauer, he saves everyone. Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is the terminator. Paige Spiranac, (professional golfer,) to improve the scenery.” And presumably to play a round with after defeating said zombies.