GLENDA ROWE – Accounting Coordinator

Glenda Rowe is the Accounting Coordinator here at Wiley Metal, a position she has held since coming on board in early 2022. In addition to her professional skills, Glenda brings a great sense of humor to her work here. She tells us she loves watching Bob’s Burgers, would like to be the funniest smart person in the room, and nominates Melissa McCarthy to play her in the Glenda biopic. She’s also of the opinion that in a previous life she was a Court Jester.

When asked to choose between cats and dogs, Glenda picked goats, and when asked about fashion trends she misses she said, “80’s hair.” Now there’s the proof she likes to joke around! There again, she’s also a fan of Ozzy Osbourne, and you might say he rocks an 80’s cut!