TEQUILA WATERS – Door Shop Supervisor

Tequila Waters started with Wiley Metal in 2007 and is our Door Shop Supervisor. Tequila fancies competing in archery at the Olympics, which is a skill that might also prove useful during a zombie apocalypse. And should that ever happen she’d pick her 2 boys and her Dad as teammates, “Because they are fighters, and always stick up for family.”

Tequila’s other interests include Chicago Cubs baseball, watching “The Walking Dead” on TV, (so she knows a bit about zombie-hunting,) and listening to Metallica. If they make a film about her life Tequila hopes it’s set in the 1800s and they ask Deepika Padukone to play her.

Also useful for dispatching zombies, Tequila says the best advice she ever received is, “Use your head and think.”