What is taken for granted at home becomes much more valuable on the road. That’s why the importance of every convenience added to an RV is magnified. At Wiley Metal, we understand. We have been creating parts and accessories for the RV industry for decades.

RV Common Denominators

RV parts and accessories all have some general common denominators.

  • They must make good use of space.
  • They should add convenience.
  • They have to be designed to minimize added weight.
  • They must be durable for the road.
  • Aftermarket products should be simple to install.

Worth Their Weight in Gold

Such is the case with our easy to install motorhome holding tank cradles. Perhaps, these parts don’t have the appeal of a remote control electric awning or mood setting adjustable LED exterior lighting. For those looking to safely and securely transport their portable holding tanks, however, they are worth their weight in gold.

For some, holding tank cradles are an afterthought, or perhaps not a thought at all. The convenience offered by them, however, are outstanding. Portable holding tanks lose some of their appeal if transporting them becomes a hassle. Our holding tank cradles solve the issue easily and effectively. They keep your portable holding tanks where they should be, on the exterior of your RV or motorhome.

A Better RV Experience

Are our holding tank cradles changing the world? Not likely, but they are an example of us creating products that make the RV experience just a bit easier.

At Wiley Metal, we have been fortunate to build relationships with some of the world’s most respected RV and motorhome manufacturers. Many times, they have come to us looking for parts and accessories with particular specifications. In other situations, the conversation starts with “Can you guys…?” We particularly like the “Can you guys…?” conversations.

It often works this way in other product categories beyond the recreational vehicle industry. Many manufacturers come to us with an idea or concept for their metal fabrication project. They are looking for help it making it a reality. They will tell us about a problem that needs to be solved and our team goes to work in finding solutions. In other cases, we improve current products, making them stronger, more convenient or more affordable. It is what we do everyday.

In the motorhome and RV industry alone, Wiley Metal makes spare tire carriers, drip caps, RV luggage doors, heat shields, grills, outside TV cabinets, holding tank guards, and yes, easy to install holding tank cradles. Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you!