Forming & Shaping

Forming The Parts You Need From Sheet and Tube

Bending metal into the shape you want is part science and part art. Obtaining consistent results requires solid engineering, top-quality CNC forming equipment, and the kind of feel for metal that takes years to develop. At Wiley, we have all those in abundance, and that’s why we should be your first choice for parts formed from sheet and tube.

Our Forming and Shaping Capabilities

We’re equipped to handle a wide range of sheet metal types and thicknesses. Our press brake inventory is extensive, and for specialized bending of large sheets – forming covers, doors, and panels for example – we have dedicated folding machines.

We also have capabilities for tube cutting and bending, and where needed we can machine-specific features. Hot glue lamination and assembly work are also undertaken when it benefits our customers. The full list of our forming and shaping capabilities looks like this:

  • 50T – 500T CNC Press Brakes with capacities up to 14’
  • 10 ga CR Folding
  • 12 ga Stainless Steel Folding
  • Tube Cutting
  • Tube Bending
  • CNC Machining
  • Hot Glue Lamination
  • General and Customized Assembly

Understanding How Metal Behaves

Sheet metal has a personality. It develops a grain as it’s rolled out, and properties like hardness vary between batches and even from piece to piece. The resulting variability complicates assembly and installation unless it’s considered before the pieces are even cut to size.

With years of sheet metal experience, our engineers take this behavior into account when developing programs for CNC forming machines. Their knowledge, combined with the skill of those who run the machines, ensures we get the exact bends required, without cracking and with uniform springback.

For Precision and Consistency, Come to Wiley Metal

When you’re bending and shaping metal, achieving consistent results takes a combination of experience, equipment, and engineering expertise. As a one-stop shop for metal fabrication services, Wiley Metal has those in abundance. That’s why you can rely on us for high-quality parts that will look, fit and work exactly as you expect. Ask us to quote your next project.

Featured Service: Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting

Laser cutting and waterjet cutting allow us to create cutting edge (pun intended) products that reach specs that are impressive. These procedures allow us to also work with materials like hot-rolled and cold-rolled steels, galvanized materials, stainless, and aluminum alloys and extrusions, as well as many varieties of tubing, expanded metals, bar stock, fasteners and hardware items.