Gateway Precision GP-5000 8/1

Features includes:

  • Standard Block Capacities – 1,2,3 block wide models – 8′ to 24′ lengths
  • Rigid Moving Gantry – standard contour grid, optional vertical and trim wire grids
  • GP-PC11 Computer Controller – utilizes industry standard “G / M code” format
  • Large Color LCD Screen – illustrates part being cut
  • Foam Cutting Software Installed – interfaces with most cad/cam software
  • “Cutting Edge” Power Supply – GFI protected
  • Ethernet 10base-T connectivity
  • Automated Block Handling
  • Computer Controlled Turntables
  • Spindle and Column Attachments
  • Digital or Analog Voltage Displays
  • Digital or Analog Feed-rate Displays
  • Wire Cooling Systems
  • Intermediate Wire Support
  • Wire Break Detection

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