Trucking companies don’t tolerate waste. They cannot afford to waste space, time or fuel. Downtime can cost thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, they are constantly asking their equipment to do more. It’s not unusual to have tractor engines rebuilt time and time again. Trailers are being pushed to the limits. There are more back hauls than ever and yard jockeys seem to be as abusive as ever. Reliable hardware components are extremely important to today’s high-performing truck trailers. At Wiley Metal, we can help with a selection of well-constructed, critical components.

  • Landing Gear Pads and Braces. At Wiley Metal, we fully understand the significant role landing gear pads and braces play in a high-performing truck trailer. These hardware components are critical and it’s why we use high strength material and quality engineering in the design of our gear pads and braces.
  • Door Track Protectors. Sometimes hardware components are designed not to do something, but to protect something. Reliable doors and door tracks keep trucks performing. Our heavy-duty door track protectors can prevent costly damage and downtime. This is a bit of insurance trucking companies appreciate.
  • Bumper Legs. Strength and design are the most important factors of these hardware components and we deliver both at Wiley Metal. There is no room for taking chances with these hardware components.
  • Thresholds. Our trailer thresholds increase the durability of trailers and provide a textured surface to improve safety. They assist trailers to better absorb the rigors of constant loading and unloading, improving performance.
  • Rub Rails. Our rub rails protect a trailer while maximizing space. Quality rub rails extend the life of truck trailers while maintaining their esthetics. In an industry where time is so critical, rub rails can keep trailers on the road by helping to absorb the rigors of loading and unloading.
  • Fantails. With the pending implementation of GHG Phase 2, fantails are likely no longer an option for most truck trailer manufacturers. They are one of the ways we can help manufacturers comply. Contact us and ask about our fantails and other energy saving truck trailer components.
  • Base Plates. A lot of bad things can occur when coupling and uncoupling truck trailers. We’ve made it our goal to make sure this can be accomplished as safely as possible. Our heavy duty, well-engineered base plates provide that added security you may not get when saving a few dollars.
  • Cross Members. Replacing damaged or decaying truck trailer cross members can extend the life of a truck trailer. Manufacturing truck trailers with quality built OEM cross members can help them last longer to begin with. These key hardware components affect a truck trailer’s stability so don’t settle for less.

Wiley Metal also produces scruffs, light boxes, posts, grid plates, pivot tubes and more. We continue to proudly work with some of the largest and most well-known brands in the truck trailer industry. Let us put that experience to work for you. We offer a wide array of trailer components that will meet and exceed expectations. If you are in search of a metal fabricator for truck trailer components or if you have a concept and you need a fabricator to help create it, contact us. We have worked with companies ranging from a business startup to world wide manufacturers. We enjoy the creative process and we look forward to partnering with you!