High Precision

They say close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. We can’t verify that. However, we can tell you that close isn’t even in the neighborhood when it comes to our high precision products. Our high precision division creates parts that meet exacting specifications. Each piece is created precisely for the application it is designed for. High precision is an interesting part of our operations. These guys can tell you how much change is in their pockets and any time. And for the record we don’t make horseshoes nor hand grenades.

Machine Mounts

Investments in machinery can reach into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Believe us, we know. Machine mounts are high precision parts that hold it all together. Machine mounts isolate vibrations and level machines for optimum performance levels which helps lengthen machinery lifespans. When you are in need of high precision machine mounts that meet precise standards, contact us at Wiley Metal. We may not be perfect but we sure as heck try to make our machine mounts perfectly.

Automotive Assembly Line Carriers

We have many clients in the automotive assembly industry, and we can put that experience to work for you. We are all about productivity and automotive assembly line carriers that can add more to your facility. Of course, our long time clients auto know that by know…

Machine Parts

Finding parts for machinery that are mass produced may be relatively easy. But when there is proprietary or even vintage machinery involved, precision machine parts can be challenging to acquire. Here again, we do everything we can at Wiley Metal to make your life easier. Our high precision division can create replacement machine parts for the most challenging situations. What is it that you need? Contact us and let us be a high precision part of the solution.

Medical Press Components

Our precision medical press components are used in a variety of applications for our clients. We offer progressive press stamping and components created from an assortment of fabrication processes. Let us know what metal components you need created and our high precision team will put their knowledge and skills together in manufacturing them to your exact standards.

Self Serve Kiosks

There was a time when we thought all of our needs would be met by robots. Well it’s not exactly the Jetsons but when you pay attention, you realize that self-serve kiosks are found just about everywhere. From service stations to train stations these kiosks make life easier and increase profits. Kiosks are created for specific purposes and in many cases need to withstand the forces of Mother Nature. When you need customization for self-serve kiosks, let’s talk about what you would like us to create.


Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs. There’s a lot more to them that many people realize. Signs need to be created to certain specifications so they meet community regulations and hold up to extreme conditions. Are you waiting for a sign? This may be it! Contact us at Wiley Metal.

Polished Stainless Parts

Few things make us smile like custom made, precision, polished stainless parts. For us, they are things of beauty. Polished stainless parts are eye catching in their simplicity and exhilarating in their precision. When completed, you may see one of our team members holding it up to the light and saying “Nice!” Hey, it’s what we do. If you need polished stainless parts, get assistance from a team who appreciates them…the team at Wiley Metal.

And More (Send us any idea!)

We’ve never been asked if we create “And more”, but we thought it would be a good category. Especially for those who may be looking for something else in high precision parts. Do you have an idea, concept, or see a need in the precision parts category? Let us know. Send us your idea and let’s see what can be done. It is our idea of an online suggestion box.

Have an idea? Tell us about your project!

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