There is an attribute that you don’t have to pay to learn to build a successful welding career. It reaches beyond skill and even talent. In most cases, it is more valuable than knowledge and even experience. If you want to build a successful welding career it starts with something completely in your control and only you can decide to use it to its fullest. It is simply having a good, positive attitude.


The Power of Positive Thinking

I understand skepticism. Many don’t subscribe to the power of positive thinking or how a positive attitude can help you advance a career, especially in a field like welding. Let me present an example.

Let’s say you have two equally qualified basketball players standing at a free throw line. One is wearing a headset that repeats phrases like “Nothing but net”, “Up and in”, “Swish” and “You are the best at shooting free throws”. The other player is wearing a headset that repeats phrases like “Your arms are heavy”, “The ball feels like a brick”, “You aren’t good at this”.

Keep in mind, both players have equal skills. But if they are in a contest hearing those differing messages, which one would you bet on in successfully shooting the most out of 100 attempts? My guess would be the player receiving more positive messages would be victorious. It may be by one or two shots or even 10 or 20%, but any rational person would believe the shooter getting positive feedback will perform better.

Why Employers Value Attitude

So here are the realities when it comes to starting your welding career.

Are skills, talent, and knowledge important? Absolutely. Many potential employers will gauge their interest in you based on raw knowledge and potential talent even if you don’t have experience. You should always be seeking to improve skills and knowledge.

That being said, an employer in search of a welder will often place a high value on attitude. Why? Because in welding, a job is not performed in a vacuum. It is done using instructions from an engineer or designer. It may take the cooperation of other metal-workers who either help in preparing material before or after they are welded. Welders are often faced with seemingly impossible tasks and deadlines. The right attitude will help them get through these deadlines and help them enjoy the results of a job well done.

Will an employer like a manufacturer or metal fabricator be impressed with a welder with a good education or high scores achieved in testing? Absolutely. But a positive attitude can also carry a lot of weight with a company looking to build a company that believes in itself and that the impossible can be achieved.

There is no cost to a positive attitude, only value. There may be a cost in not having one, however. If you are considering a career in welding, remember it is about so much more than skill, knowledge or experience. It is about having a positive attitude. Believe and you can achieve. “Up and in”, “Nothing but net” and “Swish” may not have exact parallels to welding but a positive attitude can help you build confidence. Bring your good attitude into this career and “you got this.”

If you have the right attitude, we’d love to talk about opportunities available at Wiley Metal. Whether it be in robotics, quality control, sales or in welding, We certainly place value on education, experience, and skill. We also however, appreciate the worth of the proper attitude. Contact us and let’s discuss your future in the growing metal fabrication industry.

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