When the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started its SmartWay program in 2004, it did so with the idea of setting a gold standard in efficient freight shipping. Prior to 2004, there were no set standards for determining what shipping practices could be considered environmentally friendly. Since then, however, SmartWay has become the symbol of sustainable freight transportation.

Raising Awareness for Shipping Sustainability

Much like the EPA’ s EnergyStar designation recognizes energy efficient appliances, SmartWay acknowledges its partners that are facilitating the movement of goods using less fuel and minimizing their carbon footprint.

According to the EPA, SmartWay has reduced emissions significantly in shipping and product movement, raised awareness of shipping sustainability and helped improve the industry’s image when it comes to environmental issues. SmartWay has motivated a variety of logistic related companies and the number of participating companies and affiliates continues to grow.

SmartWay Trailer vs. SmartWay Elite Trailer

The SmartWay brand can be used to demonstrate to customers that companies care about energy efficiency and the environment. It helps manufacturers convey their products meet the SmartWay standards. For tractor-trailers, there are two SmartWay designations. These include the SmartWay Trailer and the SmartWayElite Trailer.

While both designations involve the use of verified low rolling resistance tires that result in 1% fuel savings, there are differences in levels of energy savings between the designations. SmartWay Trailers make use of one or more devices that result in 5% savings for a total of 6% savings. SmartWay Elite Trailers use a combination of two or more devices resulting in 9% savings for a total of 10%.

What are these devices and how can you retrofit your trailer to meet SmartWay standards?

Aerodynamic devices include:

  • Trailer Front Fairing (Nose device or gap reducer)
  • Trailer Rear Fairing (Tail or other device)
  • Trailer Under Fairing (Skirt or other under trailer device)

We have discussed products like fantails and other energy efficient aftermarket trailer products in previous blogs. Wabash National Corporation has an excellent selection of these devices, so you can view some of the other options available.

Beyond Just Energy Savings on the Road

SmartWay’s value exceeds that of just energy savings. It demonstrates a commitment from participating companies to use sustainable practices. It brands them as environmentally friendly. It is a calling card for like-minded companies who are looking for more “green” partners.

At Wiley Metal, we are proud to count energy-saving trailer devices among the many metal products we fabricate in our Indiana metal fabrication facility. We are also pleased to have some of the world’s largest and most respected trailer manufacturing companies among our partner clients. What can we make for you? Contact us and let’s talk.