Wiley Provides Quality Integrated Solutions

Added-Value Fabrication Services

We’re in the business of helping customers solve problems. We do this by designing and making fabricated parts that range from the small and simple to the large and complex, but we believe this isn’t enough. We want to add more value by helping our customers achieve their goals.

Our expertise is cutting, bending, and joining metal. We use these processes to fabricate precise weldments in high volumes, to make complex assemblies in small quantities, and of course, the other way around. Where the value comes though is in our ability to work with customers to better understand their problems.

Once we know what our customers are trying to achieve, as opposed to what’s on the part print, we’re able to start adding value. As a one-stop shop for fabrication services, we do it all, under one roof. We design, cut, form, weld, and coat. That’s a powerful set of competencies for optimizing part design and ensuring quality in every piece.

Some might call it “design for manufacture”. We call it giving customers what they need.

Integrity, Honesty, Openness

We’re a family business, and we’re proud of that fact. We believe it’s central to our ability to work with, understand and serve our customers. We take responsibility for the quality of what we deliver, and that means speaking up, sharing our ideas, and doing what’s right.

Send us a print and we’ll want to know what the part is for and what problem it’s intended to solve. Then, if our experience and fabrication know-how lead us to think there might be a better approach, we’ll tell you.

If the print truly conveys the design intent, then that’s what we’ll make and ship. If however, you’re open to alternative approaches, we’d like to explore those until we arrive at a solution everyone agrees on.

Solutions to Fabrication Challenges

Our experience, combined with the extensive range of capabilities maintained under our roof, let us offer fabrication solutions, not just fabricated parts. If you’d like to put our expertise to work on your next project, contact us.

Featured Service: Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting

Laser cutting and waterjet cutting allow us to create cutting edge (pun intended) products that reach specs that are impressive. These procedures allow us to also work with materials like hot-rolled and cold-rolled steels, galvanized materials, stainless, and aluminum alloys and extrusions, as well as many varieties of tubing, expanded metals, bar stock, fasteners and hardware items.