In our next series of posts, we are going to take a closer look at the polished stainless steel bumpers produced by Wiley Metal’s Avionic Structures of Indiana (ASI) division. Through these blogs, we will address how ASI became a part of our organization and how we became the leader in OEM bumper sales. We will address how we are pioneering in aftermarket replacement bumpers and how we are leading the industry with innovative fire engine bumper plaques. Let’s first start at the beginning.

The Start of ASI

In 2008, Wiley Metal started a diversification strategy within the metal fabrication industry. After two years of diligent research, we decided to acquire a California based company called Avionic Structures, Inc. Today, that company is now Avionic Structures of Indiana. ASI is now a leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel bumpers for fire engines and other emergency vehicles. We also are expanding into other highly polished stainless steel products as well as producing painted steel bumpers, extensions and tails.

What Makes ASI Different?

Our processes and materials meet and exceed standards for fire safety. Rather than using chrome, our stainless steel bumpers are polished to a finish that is mirror like. In fact, they are so highly polished you can actually find them used as mirrors in our restrooms at our company. These bumpers are not only attractive but durable. They never will rust or corrode. While chrome bumpers can be challenging to repair when damaged, our polished stainless steel bumpers can be dented out and re-polished. Stainless steel also has more tensile strength than chromed steel. It is an unbeatable material for use as bumpers for fire trucks. If you like chrome you will love our polished stainless steel bumpers!

What also makes ASI different is our commitment to quality and customer service. We are passionate about our products and are in a never ending quest for product improvements and innovation. This combination of materials, techniques, quality control and passion for our work has led to a 121% increase in bumper sales. In a very specialized industry, we have 24 active bumper customers with 70% of bumper sales coming from the top 3 fire truck manufacturers.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about how we got in the polished stainless steel bumper business and what makes ASI different up next we will discuss how we became a leader in OEM bumper sales.