A motorhome can be a relatively a simple “home away from home” or they can be an extravagant Hilton on wheels. It’s not unusual for some to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to “get away from it all”. While it may be easier for us to just send the wife shopping, the RV and motorhome industry continues to grow. So do the options, amenities and parts that motorhome users desire. Many motorhome owners have high expectations for quality. While we have yet to see a motorhome with a bowling lane, quality is right up our alley. Here you will find our current selection of fabricated parts for motorhomes. Of course if you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us. We haven’t found a part we haven’t enjoyed making…yet.

RV Luggage Door

You can call ‘em luggage doors, baggage doors or storage doors. If you want quality replacement parts for your customers, just make sure they come from Wiley Metal. Our RV luggage doors are guaranteed to fit precisely where your customers need them. Is it easier to make license plate brackets? Sure, but we both gotta do what we gotta do right?


Sometimes a good defense is a good offense. That is part of the attitude we take when creating our RV and motorhome bumpers. Our line of motorhome bumper products range from passive aggressive to “Get out my way”. Motorhome owners have a lot to protect and we are here to help them defend themselves…sometimes from themselves.


Motorhome customers love to rough it…as long as it’s convenient. You can help them with our selection of easy to use, convenient and durable grills for motorhomes. Far superior to anything that they can buy separately and haul along with them, our premium, heavy duty attached grills add a new dimension to the great outdoors. Boys and grills agree these are the best!

Engine Covers

We are not ones to talk about others, so let’s just suffice it to say many early manufacturers of engine covers were, shall we say, not very good? Sorry guys, but it’s the reason so many motorhome owners are looking for engine covers that are a better alternative. Well, we’ve got them covered. See what we did there?

Windshield Frames

Almost everyone who has owned a motorhome over any long period of time has experience problems with windshield frames. Some brands are more noted for the issue than others but who are we to point the finger? Our goal is to help solve the problem. We have windshield frames available for most brands including those troublesome ones. Don’t ask, we’re not telling. Unless of course, you ask.


Many motorhome remodels start with a new bulkhead. Believe us when we say that someone takes on a project like this they don’t want to do it again in a few years. That’s why we take care in making sure our bulkheads are of superior quality. You don’t want that call back and we don’t either. Let’s both make sure they get what they need the first time. Sounds like a deal.

Generator Cradles

We love the name “cradle” when referring to generators. It is like they are some sleepy-quiet appliance that needs cuddling. The fact is like a baby, generators are noisy, need attention and need to be secure to be safe. That is what our generator cradles are designed to do. Keep generators safe and secure. Our generator cradles are constructed of materials that will keep them cozy safe. Sorry, they will likely still be noisy.


One of the beauties of a motorhome is how they can be transformed from a traveling vehicle to a convenient place to live within minutes. Give credit where credit is at least partially due. Outriggers make some of the most convenient of amenities possible in a motorhome, even if they are simple. Yes, we are fans of outriggers and have a variety of designs to help make your customer’s lives easier. They will love you for it.

Frame Extensions

We both know some jobs are not for the timid. When you have a customer looking for a frame extension they are into it. Not that we should be thinking about money, but holy cow this guy is about to put some bucks on the line. We need to make sure he gets his money’s worth with the best quality frame extensions possible. We love what he’s doing and we need to give him our best. We like to think frame extensions from Wiley Metal are the best.

Holding Tank Cradles

Flat screen TVs with surround sound are awesome motorhome features. Holding tanks? Not so much. Holding tank cradles? Even less so. That said, we are here to tell you for the guy installing a holding tank, a serious, durable, easy to install holding tank cradle is like a cold beer in the desert. Trust us, he doesn’t want to do it again. That’s why you should choose Wiley Metal holding tank cradles. Our motto is do it right the first time. O.K., so that’s a motto many people use. But we mean it.

Holding Tank Guards

Do you know how many holding tank repair kits are sold every year? We don’t either. But we figure it would be a lot better if motorhome owners prevented holding tank damage than repair it. That’s why our holding tank guards sell so well. Customers quickly recognize that holding tank damage is not as rare as they would like it to be. Like moths to a light bulb they seek a better solution, and we have it. We probably had you at “holding tank”…


Someone looking for motorhome trusses from a metal fabricator has got it going on. This is the type of guy we love at Wiley Metal. He is getting it done and not afraid of the big project. He should also never be disappointed in what he gets delivered. Let’s assure he gets what he expects…and more. Our motorhome trusses consistently exceed expectations and standards. We feel pretty good about that. Your customers will too.

Heat Shields

Motorhomes produce heat that many times push the limits of original equipment. This can lead to some unfortunate circumstances. It is why our team has focused on developing aftermarket heat shields that are much more effective than original equipment. Sorry if that sounds like bragging. Maybe it’s not bragging if it’s true?

Access Panels

Motorhomes are noted for their ingenious use of space. Much of this space is secured by critical access doors that can be damaged through use, misuse or by accident. Wiley Metal offers an almost un-limitless choice of access doors to help motorhome owners get what they want when they need it. Well, at least when it comes to what’s in storage.

Cross Members

Our motorhome cross members are manufactured with the intensity of significance they deserve. Did we just say that? Heck, it just means our engineers and fabricators understand that cross members need to withstand the pressures of day to day use. You can’t “waste” strength when you are dealing with critical components like cross members. At least we don’t.

Dash Brackets

Motorhome owners are a creative breed and our dash bracket products help encourage that creativity. We create dash brackets that add convenience and functionality for motorhomes everywhere. Dash brackets can be used for fans, video screens, dash-cams, GPS, and an almost unlimited array of other projects.

Fiberglass Mount Brackets

Where do we get all the ideas for our fiberglass mount brackets? Many of them come from our own customers. What a great country! This has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve on the variety and versatility of our fiberglass mount brackets. Remember, if we don’t have it, we can likely create it.

Impact Beams

Heavier is not necessarily better when it comes to impact beams. It’s why we occasionally buy a beer for the guys with engineering degrees. Engineers help us figure out exactly how to maximize the effect of our products, including our impact beams. Way to go guys!

Spare Tire Carriers

A world without spare tire carriers would be chaotic. There could be spare tires under tables, in passenger seats and on front bumpers. Thank goodness there are indeed spare tire carriers to solve the problem. We build spare tire carriers that are constructed to last in even the harshest of elements and are designed in a variety of sizes for just about every tire. Neat, durable and secure. TGFSTC.

Outside TV Compartments

There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors in a motorhome. Except maybe enjoying the great outdoors in a motorhome that has an outside TV compartment! In response to our customers, we produce high quality compartments that securely protect expensive electronics when on the road and provide easy access when parked and relaxing. Created in a variety of sizes for a range of screen sizes, they are the perfect addition for tailgating.

Headlight Brackets

It probably won’t bring peace in our time but when someone needs a headlight bracket, nothing else will do. For motorcycles, ATV’s, and motorhomes our headlight brackets are remarkably simple, effective and easy to install. Oh, and they securely hold headlights. That is all.

Window Glass Insulation

Our customers love our window glass insulation products. At least that’s what they tell us. Our glass window insulation products are constructed to provide longer lasting ease of movement without sacrificing looks. They seal well, keeping out noise and keeping out the heat and cold. After all, window glass insulation shouldn’t be a pane.

Drip Caps

Dollar for dollar, perhaps nothing makes life just a little bit nicer than drip caps. We have pre-drilled drip caps available for windows and doors for motor homes, truck windows and just about any application. We make them out of vinyl and aluminum. Yep, drip caps make things just a little bit better. Sometimes that’s enough.

Vinyl Drip Cap

If you are in the market for vinyl drip caps it may surprise you to know that Wiley Metal carries them. No, we are not likely to change our name to Wiley Vinyl anytime soon, but we do like to deliver what our customers want. We also enjoy being just a bit unpredictable. Vinyl drip caps? We got ‘em at Wiley Metal.

Drip Cap Moulding

Drip cap moulding is an integral part of water diversion tactics used in motorhome and other applications. That’s a fancy way to say that drip cap moulding is important and we carry it. “Water diversion tactics?” Sounds like somebody went to college.

Door Bottoms

In a perfect world, motorhome owners would maintain their rolling investment all of the time. But then again there wouldn’t be a demand for replacement products like door bottoms. If you wish to provide your customers with a wide range of motorhome products, offer door bottoms from Wiley Metal. They will appreciate it and we will thank you for it.

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