When clients have metal fabrication projects that have precise specs and a very low tolerance for error, it is time to consider our laser and waterjet cutting options at Wiley Metal. Both solutions allow us to reach specs that are precise and impressive. These are particularly valuable in working with a variety of challenging materials like:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum alloys and extrusions
  • Galvanized materials
  • Hot and cold-rolled steels

Both waterjet and laser cutting techniques can deliver precise cuts in tubing, bar stock, and expanded metal. They also work well with foam, laminates and composites.

Virtually all materials can be cut with a waterjet. Laser cutting has the ability to cut all metals with the exception of highly mirrored or reflective ones.

How Waterjet Cutting Gets the Job Done

Waterjet cutting pretty much gets the job done like it sounds, through a jet of highly pressurized water. Some waterjets can reach pressures of 60,000 PSI. The stream is precise and the water used may have a gritty material like garnet mixed in to improve the cut’s accuracy and finish. With a waterjet, the water itself carries away the waste materials of the cut. Waterjet cutting is a noisy and messy process but the results are remarkable. Waterjet cutting can produce cutting slits as small as .02”.

How Laser Cutting Gets the Job Done

Gas laser cutting uses light in the far-infrared range that is guided by a series of mirrors. Debris is cleared by gas and when cuts are completed, the tolerances are impressive. Cut slits can be as thin as .006″ with a processing tolerance of about .002”. Laser cutting is a much quieter and cleaner process than waterjet cutting.

It is All About The Options

Through the years, we’ve learned that the more options we can offer our clients, the more effectively we can help them solve problems or create the parts or products they need. It also provides our own team with an array of choices in helping them get the job done efficiently and effectively.

When many people think of metal fabrication, they may visualize large sheet metal fabrication or sheet metal forming projects.  We certainly can handle those. But as technology advances and the need for more precise metal fabrication parts and products increases, our ability to offer waterjet and laser cutting services are helping us serve more customers better.

At Wiley Metal, we work with a range of products from foam to stainless steel. We have advanced techniques that help us better work with aluminum MIG welding. We use a combination of manual and robotic welding options. We love metal and enjoy finding ways to manipulate it to deliver what our clients want and expect.

What products or projects are you thinking about? Let us make our resources available to help you get them done. Contact us at Wiley Metal today.