C.R. Onsurd 145G18

Our C.R. Onsrud 145G18 CNC Router is precisely controlled by a computer program, under the watchful eye of a skilled CNC Operator.

Machine: CNC Router
Brand: CR Onsrud
Model Number: 145G-18
Year of Manufacture: 2007

  • Moving Gantry Machine with 61” x 145” phenolic work table, (3) vacuum zones 60” x 48” each; includes all switches, valves, and interlocks necessary for either suck through or dedicated spoil boards, and is easily modified for the use of pod systems; 16’ x 8’ Footprint
  • X axis travel = 146”, Y axis travel = 62”, Z axis programmable travel = 11”, 14” under bridge, Programmable feed rates with override capability – X and Y axis = up to 2000 inches per minute
  • 18 HP Fully programmable HSD router spindle – HSK-63F type ATC; variable speed from 0 – 18,000 RPM, capable of routing and drilling, collet size capacity 1/8” to 1”
  • (12) Position Automatic Tool Changer (HSK-63F type)
  • Closed loop brushless AC Servo drive system with precision ground ball screws, all axes ride on linear profiled precision guideways
  • Onsrud AMC – B and R Handheld Machine controller is compatible with virtually all CAD/CAM packages that generate standard M & G codes
  • Full 3D capability, 4 Port Network Hub, feed rate and spindle speed override while cutting, inch/metric operation, 32 bit RISC processor with 115,000 baud download capability
  • (1) Dekker 40 HP Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  • 20 KVA Federal Pacific Isolation Transformer, used as an electrical noise filter, (6) tap non-compensating transformer for constant machine voltage
  • Factory Prewire and retrofit kit – allows retrofit of C axis ability with with aggregase, or 9 Spindle drilling block

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