We’ve been discussing how Wiley Metal and a very large manufacturer of truck trailers relationship has grown through the years. How an inceasing desire to deliver superior quality while being flexible are critical when producing pieces for an OEM. There is another part of the story, and that is the involvement of top management, right up to the President/Owner.

When you have the opportunity to work with an organization that has the reputation of this particular OEM, it’s all hands on deck. They are, after all, the largest producer of semi- trailers and liquid transportation systems in North America. We knew that the value of working with them would go far beyond just having a large client. It would push us to become better, more efficient and more creative. It would help lift our organization as we lifted theirs.

We had, and still have, frequent face-to-face meetings. The lines of communication are always open, helping us to adjust to industry trends and increasing production. Involvement of upper management allows for decisions to be made at the highest levels quickly. With such high levels of responsiveness, both sides can move forward with minimal delays. Open communication also allows us to better understand and appreciate long-term goals. It helps us to be prepared to meet those goals.

Wiley Metal performs metal fabrication, welding, and even completes complex assemblies for this original equipment manufacturer. Our relationship has grown to the point where we package and ship directly to some of their customers. We now even do work for some of their subsidiaries.

The work we perform for this organization has consistently grown by 10% each year. We are helping them reach their goals and it has allowed us to grow our team and our capacity. It is a relationship that works from the production floor to the highest levels of management.

We’ll expound on this sense of partnership in our next blog.