Semi / Truck Trailer Products

At Wiley Metal we understand that a trailer is the business end of a truck. We take the time and use the craftsmanship and materials to ensure that our quality truck trailer parts will provide years of durable service. Take a look at the truck trailer parts we create and if by some chance you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know.
Apron Plate
At Wiley Metal, we create custom trailer apron plates to exacting standards. Precision is the name of the game when it comes to apron plates and it is a game we plan on winning.
Light Boxes
Our light boxes are designed to protect lighting from damage. Customers love these heavy-duty little pieces of lighting insurance. They are practical, good-looking, and keep trailers on the road.
Landing Gear Pads and Braces
With more backhauls and aging equipment, landing gear pads and braces are more prone to failure than ever. When you need landing gear pads and braces quickly, contact Wiley Metal. We produce high-strength, long-lasting landing gear pads, and braces built to last.
Grid Plates
Grid plates play an important role in the connection between truck and trailer. Our grid plates are created with the same intensity they are expected to withstand.
Base Plates
There’s that saying about being only as strong as your weakest link. That’s a good philosophy to keep in mind when choosing a manufacturer of truck trailer base plates. A lot of things can happen when coupling and uncoupling truck trailers. We’ve made it our goal to make sure they are safe. Our heavy-duty base plates provide that added security you don’t get when saving a few dollars. Strengthen links with base plates from Wiley Metal.
Air Tank Mounts
Air tank mounts are one of the many truck trailer parts that can be taken for granted until there is a failure. Our air tank mounts are constructed not only to last against the elements but to withstand the rigors of the road.
Wiley Metal can assist you in replacing damaged or decaying truck trailer cross members. Being key components in a truck trailer’s stability we will ensure that replacements meet and likely exceed OEM standards.
Bumper Legs
If you are ordering bumper legs for semi-trailers your customers already know how critical strength and design are. It is the driving factor in the manufacturing of bumper legs here at Wiley Metal.

Properly engineered fantails can help save you money over the long haul. We also happen to think they look cool as well. If you’ve been considering ordering fantails, give us a call.

Side Attachment Brackets
Side attachment brackets help provide more space. They can be used to increase storage for a variety of items including large toolboxes. If you are going to offer them, offer the best. Our side brackets are built to the highest standards to ensure years of safe use.
License Plate Brackets
They may not be the most complex truck trailer part we make but if you need a replacement trailer license plate bracket we are here to help. Like everything else we make, even our license plate brackets are made of superior materials and carefully manufactured to fit your exact needs.
We manufacturer our trailer threshholds to withstand abuse and with textured surfaces to improve traction in inclement weather conditions. They are also pretty doggone good looking. Hey, we know few people are going to “oohh and ahhh” about a new threshold in a truck trailer, but we get excited about ‘em. Need a replacement semi-trailer threshold? Help a buddy out and order from us.
Our quality, custom-made scuffs help protect truck trailers from damage from forklift trucks, metal containers, forklift trucks, large cargo, forklift trucks, and forklift truck drivers.
Posts (Top/Side/Rear)
Many of our customers count on us for quality truck trailer posts. Top posts, side posts, rear posts…if you need it we can create it quickly.
Door Track Protectors
Our heavy-gauge door track protectors help prevent damage and the delays they cause after those seemingly unavoidable “accidents”.
Rub Rails
We design and manufacture our rub rails to be a step above. Let us know about your specific need for rub rails and we’ll get to work! If your customers want it, we will deliver.
Pivot Tubes
We offer pivot tubes to suit specific trailer needs, manufactured with the strength to assure safety and durability. If you need pivot tubes for any purpose, contact us at Wiley Metal.

Featured Product: ASI Bumper Plaques

Cut from our stainless steel bumpers, an industry trademark, in use on fire trucks in all 50 states.