At Wiley Metal, we spend much of our time making our customers products better. That includes our utility truck manufacturer clients who come to us for a variety of products. Utility trucks are an interesting combination of storage spaces, lock and tool boxes, man baskets and forkarms. They are built for a variety of applications to withstand the most harsh working conditions. We produce a number of products for utility truck manufacturers including frame extensions, tailshelfs, control panels, housings, sign holders and bolt bins. We like to think we’ve become very good at maximizing space while engineering durable parts and products for these unique, hard-working vehicles.

Simple, Yet Functional

One of the simpler, yet most functional products we build for our utility truck manufacturer clients are cone holders for utility trucks. Cone holders for utility trucks securely hold the road cones that are used to help secure the area in which a utility truck is working. They can be front or rear mounted and at Wiley Metal, we have the ability to powder coat them for longer lasting service. Because they are front and rear mounted, they are often subject to more abuse than other parts of a utility truck. While securing cones to a truck may seem easy enough, everyone who has driven a utility truck knows the significance of getting it done properly. Our cone holders for utility trucks help accomplish this goal.

American Made

Utility truck manufacturers often look for American suppliers to provide the parts they need for their finished products. Wiley Metal appreciates these efforts and are proud to supply these parts and accessories for these manufacturers. Our engineers are constantly searching for ways to make these products better, longer lasting, and more affordable. We are grateful that when it comes to these particular products, our clients trust us with so many SKUs. They can rely on consistent quality whether we are supplying forkarms, tool boxes or cone holders for utility trucks. If you are in search of long-lasting, well-constructed parts and products that are American made, we welcome you to contact us.

Wiley Capabilities

If you are a utility truck manufacturer, we would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to you. Let us show you the types and quality of utility truck parts we produce. Allow us to bid on a project. Perhaps you have an idea that you need help with. We can put our engineers to work in helping bring that idea to market.

If you happen to be in search of a supplier for cone holders for utility trucks, we want to be your resource. But we also offer so much more. Contact us at Wiley Metal and let’s talk about what we can accomplish together.