Quality Control Standards

Ensuring Quality Runs Through Everything We Do

Delivering quality products every day is not something that happens by chance. It takes unrelenting focus from a very disciplined team that obsesses over the details. It demands every opportunity for error is found and eliminated, and it requires a commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do.

No, quality isn’t easy, but it’s the most important aspect of our business. Verne Wiley recognized this when he formed Wiley Metal Fabricating back in 1982, and it’s every bit as true today. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality fabricated parts possible. Anything less wouldn’t be good enough.

Quality Actions and Capabilities

Like many companies, we operate a quality system that’s documented in a Quality Manual. Where we’re different is in the effort we put into applying those policies, procedures, and instructions. Some of the things we do are:

  • Document control – it’s vitally important that people work to the latest version of every document, instruction, and drawing. We use only electronic prints in manufacturing, and they are verified to the current revision with every purchase order.
  • Drawing accuracy and completeness – customer prints seldom have all the information needed to make excellent weldments and fabrications. To address that, we produce our own prints, specifying key features like weld call-outs and critical dimensions.
  • PPAP Completion – PPAP is a formal process for verifying manufacturing can make the parts requested, to the required standard and at the rate needed. We verify all first production runs against a complete PPAP regardless of customer requirements.
  • Standard Work Instructions – these eliminate variability in manufacturing by requiring that every job is performed the same way, no matter who does it or what level of experience they have.
  • Capability (CpK) Studies – when we need to verify that a process is capable we’ll perform and document the appropriate studies. Any issues identified are acted on promptly.
  • First Article Inspection – this structured process is undertaken whenever we make something for the first time. Its function is to verify that the parts being produced are what the customer wanted.
  • Audits – our quality system is audited regularly, as dictated by ISO 9001, and any issues or discrepancies are acted on promptly.

Always Striving to Improve

As our Quality Policy says, “We are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes, to ensure we provide our customers with value-added solutions.” We track key metrics daily, not just in manufacturing but throughout our business, so we can measure the improvements we make. Continuous improvement is part of our way of life here at Wiley.

Consider Wiley Metal a One-Stop-Shop For Your Fabrication Needs

When you choose to work with Wiley you’re partnering with a business that’s invested in your success. We understand that helping our customers succeed, with lower prices, more added-value services, and above all, dependable quality, is good for us too.

Now that you’ve read how we feel about quality, put us to the test: ask us to quote your next project.


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