The recreational vehicle market is booming and metal fabricators are benefiting from the explosive growth. According to the RV Industry Association, in 2017 RV deliveries reached almost 505,000 up an astounding 17% over the previous year. The trend is expected to continue through 2018 with estimates of 540,000 units.

This is good news for metal fabricators like Wiley metal who supply so many SKUs to the industry. We are fortunate to have some terrific RV manufacturer partner clients, many of who are located in our home state of Indiana. It is also great news for communities like nearby Elkhart, Indiana where RV manufacturers make up 8 of the 10 largest employers in the county.

What is Fueling the Growth in the RV Industry?

The RV industry felt a crushing blow in the economic collapse of 2008, so it would seem to make sense that its rebound can also be traced to an improving economy. While there is no question a robust economy is critical to industries like recreational vehicles, there are other factors at play. Younger Baby Boomers, for example, are now reaching retirement age and there always has been a certain appeal to this generation with life on the open road. Just as important is that the Millennial Generation, the largest consumer group on the planet, is embracing the RV life. Millennials recognize not only the experiential side of owning an RV but the practical side as well. An RV can save thousands of dollars annually on vacations and weekend trips by eliminating or lowering hotel, car rental and dining costs. Many have also found RVs an excellent choice for group trips, tailgate parties and more.

While RV’s may have changed dramatically in options and designs through the years they still have the appeal of a “home-away-from-home.”

The Impact Metal Fabricators and Wiley Metal

As the RV industry goes, so does the fate on many OEM suppliers who fabricate the parts for these manufacturers. Since 1982 when Wiley Metal began, we’ve been stamping, shearing, welding, bending and cutting custom metal parts for a variety of industries including RV manufacturers. Parts produced for the industry include:

  • Doors and luggage doors
  • Bumpers
  • Generator cables
  • Grills
  • Engine covers
  • Outriggers
  • Holding tank cradles and guards
  • Impact brackets
  • Spare tire carriers
  • Door bottoms
  • Dash brackets

In many cases, we provide assembly services as well. Each RV or motorhome manufactured creates a chain reaction of financial benefits not only for the manufacturer but its suppliers like metal fabricators. The benefits continue down to employees and into the communities in which they live, work and shop.

For RV manufacturer’s in search of an OEM supplier with a reputation for quality, we invite you to connect with us at Wiley Metal Fabrication. We enjoy partnering with manufacturers and can even provide value-added services like access to our design and engineering talent. Let’s talk about your company and your goals. You may even have some ideas we can help bring to life. Contact Wiley Metal today.