If you’ve been following our story of the Wiley Metal/Business Startup partnership you know it has been beneficial to both parties. Actually “beneficial to both parties” seems a bit clinical.

It has been freakin’ awesome!

It has created dynamics for both companies that have been exhilarating and profitable. What more can you ask for? Because of our willingness to work together, we have positioned this business startup as the largest manufacturer of touchscreen self-service kiosks in the world without them owning a manufacturing facility. They have helped our American metal fabricating company grow and add jobs. We understand their importance to us, and they understand how critical we are to their growth. We mutually have a desire to create exceptional products and that fuels our partnership.

The reality is, none of this would work if we both didn’t get a return on our investment. We are, after all, in business, right? Well here’s how it works. We view this business startup as a sister company. We can’t do everything for them, but in our manufacturing niche, we can be exceptional. They understand that that they aren’t our only client. They also understand the bigger commitment they can make to us, the more resources we can put behind them. This contributes to the ROI of a manufacturing partnership for both us and in turn them too. This synergistic relationship continues to improve both of our bottom lines.

Look, you may be in the idea business. You may have some terrific invention that needs help to be born. Don’t get stopped by the manufacturing roadblock. Seek help and find a manufacturer (hopefully American) that is willing to help you. If you need help, contact us at Wiley Metal. We love making friends and partnering. Business can be work, but work doesn’t have to be hard. If you get that, call us. We should have a beer.