Wiley Metal has been fabricating parts and accessories for the truck trailer industry for decades. We are proud to count among our clients some of the largest, most world re-known truck trailer manufacturing companies. These companies challenge us to produce world-class truck trailer parts and accessories. Our products are not only designed to help truck trailers last longer and provider greater value, but we also offer a wide-range of products that help protect truck trailers from damage. These products include door track protectors, rub rails, trailer scuffs and trailer thresholds.

A Critical Component

Critical components of a truck trailer include their cross members. Cross members are literally the backbones of a truck trailer, providing stability and supporting the bulk of a trailers load. Like other components of a truck trailer, semi-trailer cross members are subject to weather, wear, age, and weight. They can be damaged from above the floor and below. When damage occurs, semi-trailer cross members are so critical the problems need to be addressed quickly.

When Damage Occurs

When you observe minor scrapes in a trailer’s floor, they are probably not a problem. If gouges exceed ½ inch, however, you may have a bigger issue. In addition, cross member may be straightened as long as they are not pulled away from the trailer’s floor. If a cross member is bowed downward more than a quarter of an inch, however, it is a candidate for replacement.

Durability Starts with a Great Part

The team at Wiley Metal are experts at producing semi-trailer cross members. These structural, load-bearing components not only need to support the floor of a semi-trailer and its contents, but it most do so efficiently. This means engineering cross members that are of high strength, but with minimum weight. Our efficient designs maximize the weight that can be hauled, creating more fuel efficient trailers. In addition, our semi-trailer cross members are designed to provide years of service and value.

If you are a semi-trailer manufacturer and are in search of American made truck trailer metal fabricator, contact us. We will be happy to provide our resume of experience in the industry and show you how that experience can go to work for you. If you are in the market for replacement semi-trailer cross members contact us as well. At Wiley Metal, we take pride in fabricating products that provide value year after year. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you.