Shipping & Packaging Services

All Part of The Service: The Wiley Approach to
Shipping and Packaging

As a one-stop shop for all your fabrication needs, our work isn’t done until the job is in your hands or on your floor. Our shipping and packaging operations are set up and equipped with what they need to make that happen in ways that suit your business.

At Wiley, we’ve made sure there’s tight integration between shipping and packaging.

Shipping is about getting your fabrication work or order to you as quickly and as inexpensively as we can. In the case of repeat orders and scheduled deliveries, it’s also about coordinating quantities and delivery frequencies that make sense to you.

Packaging is how we protect your work from damage in transit. It also extends to how we make it easy to receive, move and store it once it arrives.

Our Shipping and Packaging Capabilities

Having fabricated your part or parts, we want to deliver them to you in a way that helps you simplify and streamline your operations. Things we can do and services we can offer to achieve this include:

  • Customized Skidding
  • Standard Packs
  • Safety Stocks
  • Returnable Packaging
  • Off-Site Inventory
  • Inventory Management
  • Line Side Presentation
  • Kitting and Staging
  • Milk Run Management

Our Shipping and Packaging Technology

It’s the rare fabrication job that can be packed into a standard carton, though when that’s the best method that’s what we’ll do. More often though, we’re dealing with complex shapes that need proper protection to ensure they arrive undamaged. To do that we have a wide range of kits, from that which you might see anywhere to our very own pallet fabrication workshop.

Being able to build customized skidding and other pallets on-site helps us manage costs while ensuring quality and portability. If you want to handle the parts we ship in a particular way, we can provide packaging to make it possible. If you have special requirements for labeling or identification, let us know and we’ll work with you. If we can do anything to help with kitting and staging, tell us about it.

Adding Value and Ensuring Quality With Shipping and Packaging Services

We’re dedicated to proving unrivaled service and value. The logistics of how your fabrications get to you are part of that. We understand how your work arrives in your facility has an impact on your efficiencies and productivity, and we want to help. Contact us today to discuss options for shipping and packaging.

Featured Service: Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting

Laser cutting and waterjet cutting allow us to create cutting edge (pun intended) products that reach specs that are impressive. These procedures allow us to also work with materials like hot-rolled and cold-rolled steels, galvanized materials, stainless, and aluminum alloys and extrusions, as well as many varieties of tubing, expanded metals, bar stock, fasteners and hardware items.