When this business startup came to us to discuss their ideas, we were impressed with their focus. They knew their skills were in computers, global brand marketing, product design and ergonomics. What this business startup needed help in was engineering and manufacturing of their touchscreen, self-service kiosks.

This small niche business knew what they had and knew what they needed. They needed a partner to handle the manufacturing side of the business.

After some discussions, we understood their vision, and offered our engineering services to get them started. We delivered their initial prints. Today, we handle all of their metal work and assemble the electronics into the kiosks. We even direct ship directly to their customers. It was a decision they never looked back on.

Outsourcing your manufacturing has sizeable benefits. Here are just some of them.

  • It allows you to focus time on your core strengths and talents.
  • It lets you put resources into sales and marketing.
  • You don’t need to make costly investments in infrastructure.
  • You can spend time on the business side of your business.
  • You have access to more talent like engineer and designers.
  • You increase your idea pool.
  • You can keep staff to a minimum and have them focus on what’s important to you.

Manufacturing your own products is like buying a golf course to play golf. Eventually it may pay off, but why take the risks? When you outsource, you are also keeping your manufacturing partner’s feet to the fire. They must deliver consistently to keep the partnership growing. They also are counting on you to deliver what you promise. That is the point of a partnership that works.

Up next, the tide is turning. Be successful by creating your idea right here in the United States. Learn how this business startup did it.