When ordering utility truck replacement parts, purchasers are faced with an immediate decision. Should you choose OEM replacement parts or aftermarket parts?

There is some appeal to OEM replacement parts. It is often assumed they are better made, and will certainly meet manufacturer’s expectations. They may even have better warranties. The downside is they are generally more expensive than aftermarket alternatives.

But what is the appeal of aftermarket parts for utility truck replacement parts?


Most would admit that the first driving appeal of aftermarket utility truck replacement parts is that they are generally less expensive. Aftermarket products don’t have to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Since they don’t, they can generally be reproduced less expensively. Of course, there is a debate as to whether the initial cost savings are worth the hidden cost of more frequent part replacement or of the costs associated with untimely potential part failures. But what if aftermarket utility truck parts could meet or exceed OEM standards?

The Importance of Building Relationships

The debate between OEM and replacement parts is one of the reasons Wiley Metal places so much importance on building relationships with our clients. As we build our partnerships, we learn the standards of our partners and can better provide products that consistently serve their needs. Perhaps most importantly, we learn how these parts work together and can better create parts that suit the needs of the manufacturer. This is particularly useful in utility truck replacement parts, where space, safety and functionality are critical.

The Importance of Building Versatility

It’s no secret that utility trucks are being asked to do more and last longer. Aftermarket replacement parts are adaptable and can add versatility as well. While OEM parts can replace, aftermarket parts may actually be able to improve. But that can only be done through relationships and a better understanding of the needs of our partners.

It’s amazing through the years, how we started many of our relationships by producing a single part or product for a client. Then, as they saw what we were capable of and we better understood their needs, we could exchange ideas and concepts to make improvements in many of their parts. We’ve seen it with our recreational vehicle clients, tractor-trailer trailer partners, and yes, our utility truck replacement parts clients.

Some manufacturers like to have several vendors producing similar parts. The fact of the matter is, when you find a metal fabrication vendor who meets or exceeds your expectations, it can be worthwhile to expand the parts produced by them. It can provide more consistent quality throughout products and will add an additional value-added aspect. At Wiley Metal, it adds access to our engineering team to help improve your parts and products. There is an economy of scale in working with a proven vendor like Wiley Metal.

It Starts with an Initial Contact

So many of our relationships started with a phone call that started with “Hey, can you guys…”. While we produce products and parts for worldwide, multi-million dollar companies, those words still generate excitement within the walls of Wiley Metal. It’s not just because we have the opportunity to get another customer. It’s because we have the chance to help another company succeed and build another long-term relationship. If you are in search of parts for the utility truck segment, give us a call. Let’s build a partnership one part at a time.