At Wiley Metal, we understand that providing the most valuable services to our customers will take more than just staying up with the times. It will involve anticipating and even predicting what will happen next. You may have read some of our previous articles about making things happen and that attitude is part of what compels us.

So what does the future of metal fabrication hold? Let’s take a look at four areas.

Customer Service

This aspect of the future of metal fabrication should not be a shocker. Customer service has always been an important factor in building a customer base. The difference now, and in the future, is that information about services, customer experiences, and reputations are instantly available on the internet. While a disappointed customer’s experience could previously be managed quietly, now, every transaction has the potential to be shared. The same holds true for positive experiences. This is something those of us in every business segment needs to understand and manage.


Technology has been changing the metal fabrication process for a long time. Automated programs and welding devices already take care of many the routine and mundane welding processes here at Wiley Metal. Rather than replace human welders, it has emphasized their importance in supervising the production of these machines. The capabilities of these machines, like advanced weld sequencers, will continue to improve efficiency. Weld sequencers can perform an astounding array of complicated welds in the right order using proper techniques. Technology continues to improve the metal fabrication process, not only improving quality but speed.


Manufacturing has not done an exceptional job at recruiting Millennials. Many still see our business segment as boring, mundane, and “too much work”. The reality is, Millennials embrace technology, love being part of a team, creating something bigger than themselves and they are creative. These all fit nicely into metal fabrication. As technology becomes a bigger aspect of our business, it can serve to attract Millennials. We need to help them understand the creative aspects of metal fabrication and provide a team atmosphere that is enjoyable to work in.

Being Proactive

Many businesses in manufacturing have spend much of their time being reactive. They wait for advances or react to downturns. They see what someone else is doing and mirror it. They see the moves a competitor is making and make adjustments. The future for metal fabrication involves being proactive. It means anticipating what customers need. It means making the technology and systems available to employees to stay competitive. It means stop using the phrase “We’ve always done it that way”.

At Wiley Metal, we take steps every day that may make us a bit uncomfortable, but we know that will be in the best interests of our customers. We have accepted that the future means change and it is better to accept it than to fight it or ignore it. What does the future of metal fabrication services hold? Perhaps no one knows for sure, but we make it part of our decision process at Wiley Metal.