The ASI Division of Wiley Metal is pleased to play a role in the production of fire trucks with our highly polished, stainless steel fire truck bumpers. These bumpers can be found on fire trucks throughout the country. When people discover we produce these polished fire engine bumpers, we often get the question of why they have become so iconic. We think the answer is actually deeper than it may first appear.

A Part of Their “Uniform”

We believe the answer lies in the fact that firefighters consider their equipment as part of their “uniform”. It represents how they carry and conduct themselves. You can see it in the fire trucks themselves. They are kept shiny and spotless. This reflects well on the department and the community of which it serves. Keeping equipment clean and maintained is not just window dressing however. It has some very practical purposes.

Not all About the Shine, Though

Fire trucks are exposed to smoke and even heat. They can also accumulate chemicals on their surfaces. Keeping them clean and polished not only serves to clear away this potentially harmful dust, dirt, smoke and chemicals but serves as a way to closely inspect wear and tear on the trucks.

Since the vast majority of firefighting equipment is publicly funded, we should congratulate firefighters on taking pride in their equipment. They are good stewards of the property they are entrusted with, including every fire engine bumper we produced.

Value for the Community

The next time you see a highly polished fire truck with its shiny stainless steel fire engine bumper, remember the pride and care it takes to keep them that way. Keep in mind that care is helping the equipment last longer and provide better value for your community. It all gives meaning to why it is so important to keep fire engines and bumpers so polished.

April 2016 marks the 89th anniversary of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis. FDIC International is the largest gathering of fire professionals worldwide. Wiley Metal and our ASI division is pleased to attend this years FDIC and we salute all of those that serve our communities.

If you would like to know more about our fire engine bumpers and how they are produced, we encourage you to view that portion of our website or read a previous article on the subject. If you have any questions about our replacement fire engine bumpers or any of our fabricated products, we encourage you to contact us.